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Knowledge Repository

Association of Legionnaires' disease with construction: contamination of potable water?

Author(s): Mermel, L.A., Josephson, S.L., Giorgio, C.H., Dempsey, J., Parenteau, S.

Effect of bright light treatment on agitated behavior in institutionalized elderly subjects

Author(s): Lovell, B.B., Ancoli-Israel, S., Gevirtz, R.

Bacillus species pseudobacteremia following hospital construction

Author(s): Loeb, M., Wilcox, L., Thornley, D., Gun-Munro, J., Richardson, H.

Compliance with handwashing and barrier precautions

Author(s): Larson, E., Kretzer, E.K.

A randomized trial of care in a hospital medical unit especially designed to improve the functional outcomes of acutely ill older patients

Author(s): Landefeld, C.S., Palmer, R.M., Kresevic, D.M., Fortinsky, R.H., Kowal, J.

Influence of indoor air quality and personal factors on the sick building syndrome (SBS) in Swedish geriatric hospitals

Author(s): Klas, N., Dan, N., Roland, A.

The restorative benefits of nature: Toward an integrative framework

Author(s): Kaplan, S.

Prevalence of low vision in elderly patients admitted to an acute geriatric unit in Liverpool: elderly people who fall are more likely to have low vision

Author(s): Jack, C.I., Smith, T., Neoh, C., Lye, M., McGalliard, J.N.

Computer workstation adjustment: a novel process and large sample study

Author(s): Hochanadel

Environmental design, work, and well being: managing occupational stress through changes in the workplace environment

Author(s): Heerwagen, J.H., Heubach, J.G., Montgomery, J., Weimer, W.C.