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Knowledge Repository

Infection and sepsis after operations for total hip or knee-joint replacement: influence of ultraclean air, prophylactic antibiotics and other factors

Author(s): Lidwell, O.M., Lowbury, E.J., Whyte, W., Blowers, R., Stanley, S.J., Lowe, D.

The placement and misplacement of you-are-here maps.

Author(s): Levine, M., Marchon, I., Hanley, G.

Comparison of contemplation and hypnosis for the reduction of anxiety and discomfort during dental surgery

Author(s): Katcher, A., Segal, H., Beck, A.

The sick building syndrome: prevalence studies

Author(s): Finnegan, M.J., Pickering, C., Burge, P.S.

Postoperative Wound Infections Following Cardiac Surgery: Significance of Contaminated Cases Performed in the Preceding 48 Hours

Author(s): deSilva, M.I., Rissing, J.P.

Wayfinding in the hospital environment: The impact of various floor numbering alternatives

Author(s): Carpman, J.R., Grant, M., Simmons, D.

Noise levels in a hospital

Author(s): Bovenzi, M., Collareta, A.

Effect of an automated bedside dispensing machine on medication errors

Author(s): Barker, K., Pearson, R., Helper, C., Smith, W., Pappas, C.

Sensory overload and noise in the ICU: Sources of environmental stress

Author(s): Baker, C.F.

Protected environments are discomforting and expensive and do not offer meaningful protection

Author(s): Armstrong, D.