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Knowledge Repository

Effect of an automated sink on handwashing practices and attitudes in high-risk units

Author(s): Larson, E., McGeer, A., Quraishi, Z.A., Krenzischek, D., Parsons, B.J., Holdford, J., Hierholzer, W.J.

Indigenous multiresistant bacteria from flowers in hospital and nonhospital environments

Author(s): Kates, S.G., McGinley, K.J., Larson, E.L., Leyden, J.J.

Allergic reactions to indoor air pollutants

Author(s): Karol, M.H.

An outbreak of aspergillosis in a general ITU

Author(s): Humphreys, H., Johnson, E.M., Warnock, D.W., Willatts, S.M., Winter, R.J., Speller, D.C.

A healing environment: the Planetree hospital project at San Jose Medical Center

Author(s): Gilpin, L., Nelson, K., Schweitzer, M.

A biomechanical and ergonomic evaluation of patient transferring tasks: bed to wheelchair and wheelchair to bed

Author(s): Garg, A., Owen, B., Beller, D., Banaag, J.

Light and Sound Environment: A Survey of Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Author(s): Frank, A., Maurer, P., Shepherd, J.

Sleep and intensive care

Author(s): Finlay, G.

Prolonged Travel Time to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Does Not Affect Content of Parental Visiting: A Controlled Prospective Study

Author(s): Callahan, E.J., Brasted, W.S., Myerber, D.Z., Hamilton, S.

Impact of Window Size and Sunlight Penetration on Office Workers' Mood and Satisfaction A Novel Way of Assessing Sunlight

Author(s): Boubekri, M., Hull, R.B., Boyer, L.L.