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Knowledge Repository

Ergonomic and human factors affecting anesthetic vigilance and monitoring performance in the operating room environment

Author(s): Weinger, M.B., Englund, C.E.

Therapeutic play and the hospitalized child

Author(s): Vessey, J., Mahon, M.

Design issues in the NICU: thermal effects of windows

Author(s): Thomas, K.A.

Cardiovascular responses to family visits in coronary care unit patients

Author(s): Simpson, T., Shaver, J.

Finding the Building in Wayfinding

Author(s): Peponis, J., Zimring, C., Choi, Y.K.

A pediatric chronic illness transition unit

Author(s): Merkens, M.

Aspergillus endocarditis after open heart surgery: an epidemiological investigation.

Author(s): Mehta, G.

The healing environment of the future

Author(s): McKahan, D.C.

Operating room noise

Author(s): Lewis, P., Staniland, J., Cuppage, A., Davies, J.M.

Medication prescribing errors in a teaching hospital

Author(s): Lesar, T.S., Briceland, L.L., Delcoure, K., Parmalee, J.C., Masta-Gornic, V., Pohl, H.