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Knowledge Repository

Promoting patient involvement: Educational, organizational, and environmental strategies

Author(s): Giloth, B.

How the environment affects turnover

Author(s): Gelfant, B.B.

Increasing ICU Staff Handwashing: Effects of Education and Group Feedback

Author(s): Dubbert, P.M., Dolce, J., Richter, W., Miller, M., Chapman, S.W.

Exposures of Hospital Employees to Hazardous Materials

Author(s): Conrad, F.

Creating a healing environment

Author(s): Combs, J.A., Rusch, S.C.

A descriptive analysis of nursing staff behaviors in a teaching nursing home: Differences among NAs, LPNs and RNs

Author(s): Burgio, L., Engel, B., Hawkins, A., McCorick, K., Scheve, A.

Role of air sampling in investigation of an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease associated with exposure to aerosols from an evaporative condenser

Author(s): Breiman, R., Cozen, W., Fields, B.

Nosocomial Transmission of Tuberculosis Associated with a Draining Abscess

Author(s): Hutton, M. D., Stead, W. W., Cauthen, G. M., Bloch, A. B., Ewing, W. M.
Nine secondary cases of tuberculosis and 59 tuberculin skin test conversions occurred after exposure to a hospitalized patient with a large tuberculous abscess of the hip and thigh. Among 442 tuberculin-negative hospital employees, the relative risk of skin test conversion associated with recalled exposure to the patient was 14.0 (95% confidence limits, 6.8, 28.7). Four of 5 surgical suite...
Key Point Summary

Nursing staff development and facility design for medical-psychiatry units

Author(s): Cowart, T., Stoudemire, A.

Control of an outbreak of nosocomial aspergillosis by laminar air-flow isolation.

Author(s): Barnes, RA, Rogers, TR
Laminar air flow is a system for circulating filtered air in healthcare facilities. It is very relevant to the issue of Indoor Air Quality and the impact on potential spread of infections. This paper focuses on understanding how using Laminar Air Flow (LAF) can reduce the spread of hospital acquired infections in the context of Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) patients.
Key Point Summary