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Knowledge Repository

Convoys Over the Life Course: Attachment, Roles and Social Support.

Author(s): Kahn, R.L., Antonucci., T.C.

Children respond to therapeutic art

Author(s): Hardgrove, C.

Privacy and solidarity: Effects of nursing home accommodation on environmental perception and sociability preferences

Author(s): Firestone, I.J., Lichtman, C.M., Evans, J.R.

The Social Behavior of Geriactric Patients at MealTimes: An Observational and an Interventional Study

Author(s): Davies, A.D., Snaith, P.A.

Visiting the mentally handicapped in residential care

Author(s): Colledge, J.

The nursing home visitor: who, when, where and for how long?

Author(s): Barry, J.T., Miller, D.B.

Noise pollution in neonatal units: a potential health hazard

Author(s): Anagnostakis, D., Petmezakis, J., Messaritakis, J., Matsaniotis, N.

Effects of Energy Conservation in Residential and Commercial Buildings

Author(s): Hirst, E., Hannon, B.

Comparative features of pneumococcal, Mycoplasma, and Legionnaires’ disease pneumonias

Author(s): Helms, C.M., Viner, J.P., Sturm, R.H.

An impact analysis framework for calculating the costs of staff disorientation in hospitals

Author(s): Christensen, K.E.