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Knowledge Repository

Designing for Patient Safety: Developing Methods to Integrate Patient Safety Concerns in the Design Process

Author(s): Joseph, A., Taylor, E. M. , Quan, X., Jelen, M.
Added October 2012

Enhancing the traditional hospital design process: a focus on patient safety

Author(s): Reiling, J.G., Knutzen, B.L., Wallen, T.K., McCullough, S. , Miller, R., Chernos, S.
The current study is an overview of innovative system engineering and patient safety factors, named as the Synergy model that a hospital system utilized to design their new facility.
Key Point Summary
Added April 2014

Efforts To Improve Patient Safety Result in 1.3 Million Fewer Patient Harms

Author(s): ,
Added December 2018

ACA cuts remain top pain point for hospitals, according to Premier survey - Premier, Inc.

Author(s): ,
Added September 2017

The Business Case for Building Better Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Author(s): Shepley, M., Smith, J.A., Sadler, B.L. & White, R.D.
There is increasing evidence that the physical environment of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has a tangible effect on the vulnerable infants who spend the first crucial weeks or months of their life there. 
Key Point Summary
Added January 2016

Demolition activities in a healthcare facility: Results from a fungal surveillance after extraordinary preventive measures

Author(s): Troiano, G., Sacco, C., Donato, R., Pini, G., Niccolini, F., Nante, N.
Added April 2020

The importance of several room acoustic descriptors in operation rooms

Author(s): Beldam, M.-B.
Added August 2020

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Added February 2020

An investigation of performance gaps in the design of UK healthcare facilities

Author(s): Bouazza, T., Greenwood, D., Scott, L., Neilson, C. J.
Added April 2021