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Knowledge Repository

Identification of Tools and Techniques to Enhance Interdisciplinary Collaboration During Design and Construction Projects

Author(s): Keys, Y., Silverman, S. R., Evans, J.
The design and construction of healthcare environments requires a collaboration of professionals from a variety of backgrounds to produce the best possible results. However, it is not uncommon when these collaborations generate frustrations and miscommunications among the different professionals involved.
Key Point Summary

How Strongly Programmed is a Strong Programme Building? A Comparative Analysis of Outpatient Clinics in Two Hospitals

Author(s): Sailer, K., Pachilova, R., Kostopoulou, E., Pradinuk, R., MacKinnon, D., Hoofwijk, T.
The spatial configuration of a given building can be classified into one of two popular theoretical categories: weakly programmed or strongly programmed. These terms have become increasingly more commonly used when analyzing the spatial syntax of buildings; however, the authors suggest that their definitions and criteria are not clearly defined.
Key Point Summary

Layout Planning Problems in Health Care

Author(s): Arnolds, I., Nickel, S., Eiselt, A. H., Marianov, V.

An epidemiological study assessing the relative importance of airborne and direct contact transmission of microorganisms in a medical intensive care unit

Author(s): Bauer, T. M., Ofner, E., Just, H. M., Just, H., Daschner, F. D.