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Knowledge Repository

Parental visiting, communication, and participation in ethical decisions: a comparison of neonatal unit policies in Europe

Author(s): Cuttini, M., Rebagliato, M., Bortoli, P., Hansen, G., de Leeuw, R., Lenoir, S., Persson, J., Reid, M., Schroell, M., de Vonderweid, U., Kaminski, M., Lenard, H., Orzalesi, M., Saracci, R.

Pediatric Healthcare: Parents' Views on Child Life Services

Author(s): Strittmatter, S., Jessee, P.O.

Quality of care a children's hospital: the parents' perspective

Author(s): Homer, C.J., Marino, B., Cleary, P.D., Alpert, H.R., Smith, B., Ganser, C.M.C., Brustowicz, R.M., Goldmann, D.A.

Intensive care unit psychosis, the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship and the influence of the intensive care setting: analyses of interrelating factors

Author(s): Dyson, M.

Identifying medical center units with disproportionate shares of patient complaints

Author(s): Pichert, J.W., Federspiel, C.F., Hickson, G.B., Miller, C.S., Gauld-Jaeger, J., Gray, C.L.

Neonatal Intensive Care: Satisfaction Measured From a Parent's Perspective

Author(s): Conner, J.M., Nelson, E.C.