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Knowledge Repository

Patient-Centered Communication, Ratings of Care, and Concordance of Patient and Physician rRce

Author(s): Cooper, L., Roter, D., Johnson, R., Steinwachs, D., Powe, N.

Interdisciplinary Health Care Teamwork in the Clinic Backstage

Author(s): Ellingson, L. L.

Patient Satisfaction in Women’s Clinics Versus Traditional Primary Care Clinics in the Veterans Administration

Author(s): Bean-Mayberry, B., Chang, C-C., McNeil, M., Whittle, J., Hayes, P., Hudson Scholle, S.
Female patients are more satisfied with the care they receive at women’s clinics (WCs) than traditional primary care clinics (TCs). This study is important because the data collected indicate that female patients are more satisfied in WCs than in TCs, regardless of age and race.
Key Point Summary

The effect of stress-inducing conditions on the performance of a laparoscopic task

Author(s): Moorthy, K., Munz, Y., Dosis, A., Bann, S., Darzi, A.
Surgeon performance in operating rooms directly impacts quality of car, healthcare productivity, patient satisfaction, and many other healthcare outcomes. However, while performing complex surgical tasks, surgeons are often exposed to fatigue and stress caused by organizational, environmental and team-related factors. Common stressors in operating rooms include noise, inappropriate temperature, sleep deprivation, time pressures due to scheduling, workload, and unsuitable ergonomics.
Key Point Summary

Parental Satisfaction in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Koontz, V.S.

Use of a Computer-Based Application in a Pediatric Hemodialysis Unit: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Bers, M., Gonzalez-Heydrich, J., DeMaso, D.

Radical systems change. Innovative strategies to improve patient satisfaction.

Author(s): Rave, N., Geyer, M., Reeder, B., Ernst, J., Goldberg, L., Barnard, C.