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Knowledge Repository

An exploration of the meanings of space and place in acute psychiatric care

Author(s): Andes, M., Shattell, M. M.
The effectiveness of acute psychiatric care (or short-term psychiatric care) owes much to the design of the physical space inhabited by both patients and mental health professionals. The structure of psychiatric care centers and the barriers they either create or remove between patients and healthcare practitioners can potentially influence patient recovery and employee well-being. Some argue that private, physically exclusionary spaces designed specifically for nurses are necessary in order to protect sensitive information and provide psychological solace for the nurses themselves. 
Key Point Summary

Challenges in Design and Transition to a Private Room Model in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Carlson, B., Walsh, S., Wergin, T., Schwarzkopf, K., Ecklund, S.
The need for neonatal intensive care units (NICU) is increasing at a time when research suggests their designs need to change to provide a developmentally appropriate healing environment. One approach is a private room NICU model versus a large multibed ward. However, such a radical design change could be challenging to implement.
Key Point Summary

Role of the Physical and Social Environment in Promoting Health, Safety, and Effectiveness in the Healthcare Workplace

Author(s): Joseph, A.

Patient's satisfaction and distress compared with expectations of the medical staff

Author(s): Langen, I., Myhren, H., Ekeberg, Ã.i., Stokland, O.

Optimizing Patient Care in the Pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Author(s): Perkins, A.M., Buchhalter, J.R.

Interactions between family members and staff in intensive care units - An observation and interview study

Author(s): Soderstrom, I,-M. , Saveman, B.-I., Benzein, E.

Nurse Shift Report: Who Says You Can't Talk in Front of the Patient?

Author(s): Anderson, C.D., Mangino, R.R.

Hospital staff perceptions of parental involvement in paediatric hospital care

Author(s): Ygge, B.M., Lindholm, C., Arnetz, J.

The Role of the Physical Environment in Promoting Health, Safety, and Effectiveness in the Healthcare Workplace

Author(s): Joseph, A.

Clinical practice guidelines for support of the family in the patient-centered intensive care unit: American College of Critical Care Medicine Task Force 2004-2005

Author(s): Davidson, J.E., Powers, K., Hedayat, K.M., Tieszen, M., Kon, A.A., Shepard, E., Spuhler, V., Todres, I.D., Levy, M., Barr, J., Ghandi, R., Hirsch, G., Armstrong, D.