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Knowledge Repository

Nurse-physician communication: an organizational accountability

Author(s): Arford, P.H.

Physician-patient communication in the primary care office: A systematic review

Author(s): Beck, R., Daughtridge, R., Sloane, P.

Direct cellular vs. indirect pager communication during orthopaedic surgical procedures: A prospective study

Author(s): Ortega, G. R., Taksali, S., Smart, R., Baumgaertner, M. R.
Staff-to-staff communication is critical to quality and efficient healthcare. Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers all use various methods of communication in their daily work. Difficulties in staff communication often lead to interruptions and delays in patient care, variation in response time, medical errors, violation of privacy, and dissatisfaction in patient and staff.
Key Point Summary

The effects of physical environments in medical wards on medication communication processes affecting patient safety

Author(s): Liu, W., Manias, E., Gerdtz, M.
The physical environment of a hospital has a wide range of effects on the quality of care administered to patients. In the context of medication distribution, seamless communication among healthcare professionals of different backgrounds is imperative, and in many cases the physical environment itself can have positive or negative effects on this complex process.
Key Point Summary

Video-mediated communication in the classroom to support sick children: a case study

Author(s): Fels, D.I., Weiss, P.L.

Patient-Centered Communication, Ratings of Care, and Concordance of Patient and Physician rRce

Author(s): Cooper, L., Roter, D., Johnson, R., Steinwachs, D., Powe, N.

The Effects of Interior Design on Communication and Impressions of a Counselor in a Counseling Room

Author(s): Miwa, Y., Hanyu, K.

The effectiveness of wireless telephone communication technology on ambient noise level reduction within the ED

Author(s): Baevsky, R.H., Lu, M.Y., Smithline, H.A.

The effect of environmental sound and communication on CCU patients' heart rate and blood pressure

Author(s): Baker, C.F., Garvin, B.J., Kennedy, C.W., Polivka, B.J.

Evaluation of Smart Phones for Remote Control of a Standard Hospital Room

Author(s): Newman, K. E., Blei, M.