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Knowledge Repository

The influence of spatial design on team communication in hospital emergency departments

Author(s): Naccarella, L., Raggatt, M., Redley, B.
Hospital emergency departments (EDs) are often high-intensity, busy, and complex environments treating especially sensitive patient populations in a time-sensitive manner. The nature of ED environments places added emphasis on the importance of clear communication between staff members and how the overall design of an ED might impact these interactions. 
Key Point Summary

Centralized and Decentralized Nurse Station Design: An Examination of Caregiver Communication, Work Activities, and Technology

Author(s): Gurascio-Howard, L., Malloch, K.
Patients need to be close to a nurse (RN) for easy access to care and to save travel time. Centralized nurse stations are placed in one location to serve a group of patient rooms. 
Key Point Summary

Team Communications in the Operating Room: Talk Patterns, Sites of Tension, and Implications for Novices

Author(s): Lingard, L., Reznick, R., Espin, S., Regehr, G., DeVito, I.

A hybrid power line and visible light communication system for indoor hospital applications

Author(s): Ding, W., Yang, F., Yang, H., Wang, J., Wang, X., Zhang, X., Song, J.

Video-mediated communication in the classroom to support sick children: a case study

Author(s): Fels, D.I., Weiss, P.L.

Patient-Centered Communication, Ratings of Care, and Concordance of Patient and Physician rRce

Author(s): Cooper, L., Roter, D., Johnson, R., Steinwachs, D., Powe, N.

The effects of rearranging ward routines on communication and eating behaviors of psychogeriatric patients

Author(s): Melin, L., Gotestam, K.G.

The Effects of Interior Design on Communication and Impressions of a Counselor in a Counseling Room

Author(s): Miwa, Y., Hanyu, K.

Exploring the Effects of Clinical Exam Room Design on Communication, Technology Interaction, and Satisfaction

Author(s): Zamani, Z., Harper, E. C.

Backstage staff communication: The effects of different levels of visual exposure to patients

Author(s): Lim, L., Kanfer, R., Stroebel, R. J., Zimring, C. M.