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Knowledge Repository

Centralized vs. Decentralized Nursing Stations: An Evaluation of the Implications of Communication Technologies in Healthcare

Author(s): Bayramzadeh, S., Alkazemi, M. F.

Using Six Sigma Methodology to Improve Handoff Communication in High Risk Patients

Author(s): Mistry, K.P., Jaggers, J. , Lodge, A.J., Alton, M., Mericle, J.M., Frush, K.S., Meliones, J.N.

The effectiveness of wireless telephone communication technology on ambient noise level reduction within the ED

Author(s): Baevsky, R.H., Lu, M.Y., Smithline, H.A.

The Use of Electronic Medical Records: Communication patterns in Outpatient Encounters

Author(s): Makoul, G., Curry, R., Tang, P.

Parental visiting, communication, and participation in ethical decisions: a comparison of neonatal unit policies in Europe

Author(s): Cuttini, M., Rebagliato, M., Bortoli, P., Hansen, G., de Leeuw, R., Lenoir, S., Persson, J., Reid, M., Schroell, M., de Vonderweid, U., Kaminski, M., Lenard, H., Orzalesi, M., Saracci, R.

The effect of environmental sound and communication on CCU patients' heart rate and blood pressure

Author(s): Baker, C.F., Garvin, B.J., Kennedy, C.W., Polivka, B.J.

Effects of Nursing Unit Spatial Layout on Nursing Team Communication Patterns, Quality of Care, and Patient Safety

Author(s): Hua, Y., Becker, F., Wurmser, T., Bliss-Holtz, J., Hedges, C.
A number of studies have looked at the impact of different types of healthcare staff communication on patient outcomes, as communication and collaboration are crucial for patient care. One topic that is starting to be studied but requires more research is the effect of nursing unit layout and design on nurse communication. While traditionally nursing units have a centralized layout with one main nursing station used by all staff in the unit, more recently there has been movement toward other types of layouts in an attempt to impact patient care.
Key Point Summary

Wayfinding for health seeking: Exploring how hospital wayfinding can employ communication design to improve the outpatient experience

Author(s): Short, Eden Jayne, Reay, S., Gilderdale, P.
​Hospital spaces have the ability to provide physical and emotional well-being. However, the journey through health systems is becoming stressful. 
Key Point Summary

Medication error trends and effects of person-related, environment-related and communication-related factors on medication errors in a paediatric hospital

Author(s): Manias, E., Cranswick, N., Newall, F., Rosenfeld, E., Weiner, C., Williams, A., Wong, I. C. K., Borrott, N., Lai, J., Kinney, S.

Impacts of nursing unit design on visibility and proximity and its influences on communication, privacy, and efficiency

Author(s): Xuan, X., Chen, X., Li, Z.