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Knowledge Repository

What Is Population Health?

Author(s): Kindig, D., Stoddart, G.

Built environment and elderly population health: a comprehensive literature review

Author(s): Garin, N., Olaya, B., Miret, M, Ayuso-Mateos, J. L., Power, M., Bucciarelli, P., Haro, J. M.

Altering micro-environments to change population health behaviour: Towards an evidence base for choice architecture interventions

Author(s): Hollands, G. J., Shemilt, I., Marteau, T. M., Jebb, S. A., Kelly, M. P., Nakamura, R., Suhrcke, M., Ogilvie, D.

Service environment link and false discovery rate correction: Methodological considerations in population and health facility surveys

Author(s): Tegegne, T. K., Chojenta, C., Getachew, T., Smith, R., Loxton, D.

Interpretation of way-finding healthcare symbols by a multicultural population: Navigation signage design for global health

Author(s): Hashim, M. J., Alkaabi, M. S. K. M., Bharwani, S.

Road traffic noise and sleep disturbances in an urban population: Cross-sectional study

Author(s): Jakovljevic, B., Belojevic, G., Paunovic, K., Stojanov, V.

Statistical Abstract: Population

Author(s): U.S. Census Bureau

A comparative study of the effects of environment on preoperative anxiety and pain levels and postoperative outcomes in an outpatient population

Author(s): Harbin, M.L.

The Face of our Population

Author(s): U.S. Census Bureau

Healthy Built Environment Linkages: A Toolkit for Design - Planning - Health

Author(s): ,