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Knowledge Repository

Green Buildings Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Life Cycle Budget Development: Practical Applications

Author(s): Dwaikata, L. N., Ali, K. N.

Perceptions about Compliant Flooring from Senior Managers in Long-Term Care

Author(s): Lachance, C. C., Zaborska, V. O., Leung, P.-M., Feldman, F., Robinovitch, S., Mackey, D. C.

Listen to the Elders: Design Guidelines for Affordable Multifamily Housing for the Elderly Based on Their Experiences

Author(s): Shin, J.-H.

Examining the Nursing Home Physical Environment Through Policy-Driven Culture Change

Author(s): Roberts, E., Pulay, A.

Can a Virtual Nature Experience Reduce Anxiety and Agitation in People With Dementia?

Author(s): Reynolds, L., Rodiek, S., Lininger, M., McCulley, A.

Investigating systematic review for multi-disciplinary research in Built Environment

Author(s): Parida, S., Brown, K.

Single-Occupancy Patient Rooms: A Systematic Review of the Literature Since 2006

Author(s): Taylor, E., Card, A. J., Piatkowski, M.

Combining spatial analysis with MCDA for the siting of healthcare facilities

Author(s): Dell’Ovo, M., Capolongo, S., Oppio, A.

Association Between Healthcare-Associated Infection and Exposure to Hospital Roommates and Previous Bed Occupants with the Same Organism

Author(s): Cohen, B., Liu, J., Cohen, A. R., Larson, E.

Private Rooms, Semi-Open Areas, or Open Areas for Chemotherapy Care: Perspectives of Cancer Patients, Families, and Nursing Staff

Author(s): Wang, Z., Pukszta, M.