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Knowledge Repository

Quality of Life in People With Severe Dementia and Its Association With the Environment in Nursing Homes: An Observational Study

Author(s): Palm, R., Trutschel, D., Sorg, C. G. G., Dichter, M. N., Haastert, B., Holle, B., Castle, N. G.

Economic and Environmental Impact of Energy Saving in Healthcare Buildings

Author(s): García-Sanz-Calcedo, J., Al-Kassir, A., Yusaf, T.

Adaptive layout for operating theatre in hospitals: different mathematical models for optimal layouts

Author(s): Chraibi, A., Osman, I. H., Kharraja, S.

Does the Design of Settings Where Acute Care Is Delivered Meet the Needs of Older People? Perspectives of Patients, Family Carers, and Staff

Author(s): Haywood, A., Barnes, S., Marsh, H., Parker, S. G.

Top Five Physical Design Factors Contributing to Fall Initiation

Author(s): Pati, D., Lee, J., Mihandoust, S., Kazem-Zadeh, M., Oh, Y.

Using Systems Theory to Examine Patient and Nurse Structures, Processes, and Outcomes in Centralized and Decentralized Units

Author(s): Real, K., Fay, L., Isaacs, K., Carll-White, A., Schadler, A.

Behavioral Mapping of Patient Activity to Explore the Built Environment During Rehabilitation

Author(s): Blennerhassett, J. M., Borschmann, K. N., Lipson-Smith, R. A., Bernhardt, J.

Performance measurement for the strategic management of healthcare estates

Author(s): Rodriguez-Labajos, L., Thomson, C. S., O'Brien, G.

Using a systems approach to evaluate a circulating nurse's work patterns and workflow disruptions

Author(s): Neyens, D. M., Bayramzadeh, S., Catchpole, K., Joseph, A., Taaffe, Kevin, Jurewicz, K., Khoshkenar, A., San, D.

Using an integrative mock-up simulation approach for evidence-based evaluation of operating room design prototypes

Author(s): Bayramzadeh, S., Joseph, A., Allison, D., Shultz, J., Abernathy, J.