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Knowledge Repository

Mental and behavioral health settings: Importance & effectiveness of environmental qualities & features as perceived by staff

Author(s): Shepley, M. M., Watson, A., Pitts, F., Garrity, A., Spelman, E., Fronsman, A., Kelkar, J.
While many previous studies have examined how facility designs can benefit patients within non-psychiatric acute care settings, there is a lack of research exploring how physical environments can be better suited to promote the health of patients in mental and behavioral health (MBH) facilities.
Key Point Summary

Compliant flooring to prevent fall-related injuries in older adults: A scoping review of biomechanical efficacy, clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and workplace safety

Author(s): Lachance, C. C., Jurkowski, M. P., Dymarz, A. C., Robinovitch, S. N., Feldman, F., Laing, A. C., Mackey, D. C., Tranah, G.
Compliant flooring may be broadly defined as any floor covering or flooring system with some degree of shock absorbency. Numerous previous studies have shown that different forms of compliant flooring can reduce the severity and incidence of fall-related injuries in older adult patients.
Key Point Summary

A Material World: A Comparative Study of Flooring Material Influence on Patient Safety, Satisfaction, and Quality of Care

Author(s): Harris, D.

Post-Occupancy Evaluation of a Mental Healthcare Facility Based on Staff Perceptions of Design Innovations

Author(s): Kalantari, S., Snell, R.

Towards a building typology and terminology for Irish hospitals

Author(s): Grey, T., Kennelly, S., de Freine, P., Mahon, S., Mannion, V., O'Neill, D.

A large-scale survey of inpatient suicides: comparison between medical and psychiatric settings

Author(s): Inoue, K., Kawanishi, C., Otsuka, K., Cho, Y., Shiraishi, M., Ishii, T., Onishi, H., Hirayasu, Y.

Impact of an emergency short stay unit on emergency department performance of poisoned patients

Author(s): Downes, M. A., Balshaw, J. K., Muscat, T. M., Ritchie, N., Isbister, G. K.

Developing Evidence-based Tools for Designing and Evaluating Hospital Inpatient Rooms

Author(s): Quan, X., Joseph, A., Nanda, U.

Using a Discrete Choice Conjoint Experiment to Engage Stakeholders in the Design of an Outpatient Children’s Health Center

Author(s): Cunningham, C. E., Niccols, A., Rimas, H., Robicheau, R., Anderson, C., DeVries, B.

User Evaluation of Neonatology Ward Design: An Application of Focus Group and Semantic Differential

Author(s): Trujillo, J. L.-H., Aviñó, A. M., Millán, C. L.