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Knowledge Repository

On the Planning and Design of Hospital Circulation Zones: A Review of the Evidence-Based Literature

Author(s): Jiang, S., Verderber, S.

The Influence of Nature Stimulus in Enhancing the Birth Experience

Author(s): Aburas, R., Pati, D., Casanova, R., Adams, N. G.

Balancing the Human Touch with the Need for Integrating Technology in Ambulatory Surgical Environments: Barriers and Facilitators to Nursing Work and Care Team Interactions

Author(s): Joseph, A., Wingler, D., Zamani, Z.

Examining Relationships between Physical Environments and Behaviors of Residents with Dementia in a Retrofit Special Care Unit

Author(s): Mobley, C., Leigh, K., Malinin, L.
Individuals with late-stage dementia often receive treatment in Specialized Care Units (SCUs) when other nursing home facilities can no longer support their socio-behavioral and physical needs. Generally, SCUs aim to maximize patient quality of life (QoL) by mitigating potential environmental stressors and improving the functional status of the patients themselves.
Key Point Summary

Patient Needs and Environments for Cancer Infusion Treatment

Author(s): Wang, Z., Pukszta, M.
Roughly 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year, and more than 50% of cancer patients receive chemotherapy for treatment. Chemotherapy is delivered through infusion, which uses an intravenous (IV) administration and support system to deliver treatment. 
Key Point Summary

Child Life Specialists' Evaluation of Hospital Playroom Design: A Mixed Method Inquiry

Author(s): Weinberger, N., Butler, A. G., Schumacher, P. A., Brown, R. L., McGee, B.
Many children are hospitalized with chronic illnesses each year, experiences that may result in traumatic repercussions with lasting negative health effects as children grow older. Child life experts are individuals who help children and their families cope with the stresses and uncertainties of hospitalization.
Key Point Summary

Participatory design, wicked problems, choosing by advantages

Author(s): Kpamma, Z. E., Adjei-Kumi, T., Ayarkwa, J., Adinyira, E.

Sustainable healthcare facilities: Reconciling bed capacity and local needs

Author(s): Pantzartzis, E., Edum-Fotwe, F. T., Price, A. D. F.

Beyond Ebola treatment units: severe infection temporary treatment units as an essential element of Ebola case management during an outbreak

Author(s): Janke, C., Heim, K. M., Steiner, F., Massaquoi, M., Gbanya, M. Z., Frey, C., Froeschl, G.

Toward a Framework for Designing Person-Centered Mental Health Interiors for Veterans

Author(s): Platt, L. S., Bosch, S. J., Kim, D.