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Knowledge Repository

Acoustic environments of patient room in a typical geriatric ward

Author(s): Jerlehag, C., Lee, P. J., Park, S. H., Jones, T., Carroll, N.

Decentralization: The Corridor Is the Problem, Not the Alcove

Author(s): Hamilton, K., Swoboda, S. M., Lee, J.-T., Anderson, D. C.

Safety and Security Concerns of Nurses Working in the Intensive Care Unit: A Qualitative Study

Author(s): Keys, Y., Stichler, J. F.

Creation of an Adult Observation Unit: Improving Outcomes.

Author(s): Plamann, J. M., Zedreck-Gonzalez, J., Fennimore, L.

Evaluating Nurses' Perception of Patient Safety Design Features in Intensive Care Units

Author(s): Islam, F., Rashid, M.

Antimicrobial textiles and infection prevention - Clothes and inanimate environment

Author(s): McQueen, R. H., Ehnes, B. L., Bearman, G., Munoz-Price, S., Morgan, D., Murthy, R.

Acute alerting effects of light: A systematic literature review

Author(s): Souman, J. L., Tinga, A. M., te Pas, S. F., van Ee, R., Vlaskamp, B. N. S.

Emerging Trends in Performance Evaluation of Pediatric Intensive Care Units in Japanese Children’s Hospitals

Author(s): Kato, Akikazu, Mori, Shiho, Kato, Masayuki, Preiser, Wolfgang F.E., Hardy, Andrea E., Schramm, Ulrich

Towards Wellbeing: Hospital Evaluation Using the Problem-Seeking Method

Author(s): Parshall, S., Fonseca, S.

Towards a Hospital Activation Process Model

Author(s): Preiser, Wolfgang F.E., Hardy, Andrea E., Schramm, Ulrich, Preiser, Wolfgang F. E., Petronis, John P., Petronis, John W., Petronis, Lexi