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Knowledge Repository

Rethinking Clinical Workflow

Author(s): Schlesinger, J. J., Burdick, K., Baum, S., Bellomy, Melissa, Mueller, D., MacDonald, A., Chern, A., Chrouser, K., Burger, C.

Application of building design strategies to create an environmentally friendly building envelope for nearly zero-energy buildings in the central European climate

Author(s): Volf, M., Lupíšek, A., Bureš, M., Nováček, J., Hejtmánek, P., Tywoniak, J.

Extensive severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus contamination in surrounding environment in patient’ rooms

Author(s): Ryu, B.-H., Kim, J. Y., Kim, T., Kim, M.-C., Kim, Min Jae, Chong, Y.-P., Lee, S.-O., Choi, S.-H., Kim, Y. S., Woo, J. H., Kim, S.-H.

The Impact of Operating Room Layout on Circulating Nurse’s Work Patterns and Flow Disruptions: A Behavioral Mapping Study

Author(s): Bayramzadeh, S., Joseph, A., San, D., Khoshkenar, Amin, Taaffe, K., Jafarifiroozabadi, R., Neyens, D. M.

Purpose‐built national burns center: The Israeli experience

Author(s): Ofir, H., Shefler, H., Kornhaber, R., Cleary, M., Harats, M., Haik, J.

Do Carpets Impair Indoor Air Quality and Cause Adverse Health Outcomes: A Review

Author(s): Becher, R., Øvrevik, J., Schwarze, P. E., Nilsen, S., Hongslo, J. K., Bakke, J. V.

Survival capability of healthcare-associated, multidrug-resistant bacteria on untreated and on antimicrobial textiles

Author(s): Hanczvikkel, A., Víg, A., Tóth, Á.

Workplace design for the Australian residential aged care workforce

Author(s): Naccarella, L., Newton, C., Pert, A., Seemann, K., Williams, R., Sellick, K., Dow, B.

Inpatient HSCT Unit

Author(s): Cesaro, S.

Lighting controls: Evolution and revolution

Author(s): Pandharipande, A., Newsham, G. R.