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Knowledge Repository

A Comparative Study of Design Strategies for Lobby of Outpatient Department of Hospital Buildings in Cold Climate Region in China

Author(s): Sun, Y., Huang,

Factors Affecting Acoustics and Speech Intelligibility in the Operating Room: Size Matters

Author(s): McNeer, R. R., Bennett, C. L., Horn, D. B., Dudaryk, R.
Previous studies have shown that noise levels within healthcare environments have been increasing steadily since 1960. Noise is a prominent source of discomfort for both patients and staff, and can also interfere with important interpersonal communications.
Key Point Summary

Reduced nosocomial infection rate in a neonatal intensive care unit during a 4-year surveillance period

Author(s): Chen, Y.-C., Lin, C.-F., Rehn, Y-J. F., Chen, J-C., Chen, P.-Y., Chen, C.-H., Wang, T.-M., Huang, F.-L.

Subjective evaluation of speech privacy at consulting rooms in hospitals: Relationship between feeling evoked by overhearing speech and word intelligibility score

Author(s): Sato, H., Morimoto, M., Ohtani, S., Hoshino, Y., Sato, H.
Healthcare environments, particularly patient-doctor consulting rooms, are often filled with conversations of a sensitive nature that ideally should be kept private for the well-being of both patients and nearby individuals. Previous studies and relevant standards within healthcare environments have often used speech intelligibility as a subjective measure for assessing speech privacy.
Key Point Summary

Environmental audits and process flow mapping to assess management of solid waste and wastewater from a healthcare facility: an Italian case study

Author(s): Vaccari, M., Montasser, W., Tudor, T., Leone, L.

Reduction of Environmental Contamination With Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria by Copper-Alloy Coating of Surfaces in a Highly Endemic Setting

Author(s): Souli, M., Antoniadou, A., Katsarolis, I., Mavrou, I., Paramythiotou, E., Papadomichelakis, E., Drogari-Apiranthitou, M., Panagea, T., Giamarellou, H., Petrikkos, G., Armaganidis, Apostolos

Addressing Parking Garage Vibrations for the Design of Research and Healthcare Facilities

Author(s): Pridham, B., Walters, N., Nelson, L., Roeder, B.

The Day the Earth Shook: Controlling Construction-Induced Vibrations in Sensitive Occupancies

Author(s): Wesolowsky, M., Wong, M. W. Y., Busch, T. A., Swallow, J. C.

Effects of room environment and nursing experience on clinical blood pressure measurement: an observational study

Author(s): Zhang, M., Zhang, X., Chen, F., Dong, B., Chen, A., Zheng, D.

Studying Space Use: Bringing HCI Tools to Architectural Projects

Author(s): Verma, H., Alavi, H., Lalanne, Denis