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Knowledge Repository

Soundscape actions: A tool for noise treatment based on three workshops in landscape architecture

Author(s): Cerwén, G., Kreutzfeldt, J., Wingren, C.

Measuring the spatial and social characteristics of the architectural plans of aged care facilities

Author(s): Lee, J. H., Ostwald, M. J., Lee, H.

Architectural factors influencing the sense of home in nursing homes: An operationalization for practice

Author(s): Eijkelenboom, A., Verbeek, H., Felix, E., van Hoof, J.

Acuity-adaptable patient room from the patient’s perspective

Author(s): Bonuel, Nena

Culture Change in Aged-Care Facilities: A Café's Contribution to Transforming the Physical and Social Environment

Author(s): Andrew, A., Ritchie, L.

Housing for the Elderly: Addressing Gaps in Knowledge Through the Lens of Age-Friendly Communities

Author(s): Frochen, S., Pynoos, J.

Factors Influencing Family-Member Perception of “Homelikeness” in Long-Term Care Homes

Author(s): Chamberlain, S. A., Weeks, L. E., Keefe, J.

Effects of Impact-Absorbing Flooring in Residential Care from the Perspectives of Enrolled Nurses

Author(s): Gustavsson, J., Rahm, G., Jernbro, C., Nilson, F.

The Impact of the Physical Home Environment for Family Carers of People with Dementia: A Qualitative Study

Author(s): Soilemezi, D., Kallitsis, P., Drahota, A., Crossland, J., Stores, R., Costall, A.

The Relationship Between Hospital Construction and High-Risk Infant Auditory Function at NICU Discharge: A Retrospective Descriptive Cohort Study

Author(s): Willis, V.