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Knowledge Repository

Interventions to improve hospital patient satisfaction with healthcare providers and systems: a systematic review

Author(s): Davidson, K. W., Shaffer, J., Ye, S., Falzon, L., Emeruwa, I. O., Sundquist, K., Inneh, I. A., Mascitelli, S. L., Manzano, W. M., Vawdrey, D. K., Ting, H. H.

Qualitative ergonomics/human factors research in health care: Current state and future directions

Author(s): Valdez, R. S., McGuire, K. M., Rivera, A. J.

Noise and autism spectrum disorder in children: An exploratory survey

Author(s): Kanakri, S. M., Shepley, M., Varni, J. W., Tassinary, L. G.

Healing gardens in children’s hospitals: Reflections on benefits, preferences and design from visitors’ books

Author(s): Reeve, A., Nieberler-Walker, K., Desha, C.

Evaluation of a sound environment intervention in an ICU: A feasibility study

Author(s): Johansson, L., Lindahl, B., Knutsson, ., Ögren, M., Persson Waye, K., Ringdal, M.

Methodology for analyzing environmental quality indicators in a dynamic operating room environment

Author(s): Gormley, T., Markel, T. A., Jones, H. W., Wagner, J., Greeley, D., Clarke, J. H., Abkowitz, M., Ostojic, J.

A Sensthetic Approach to Designing for Health

Author(s): Nanda, U.

How does staff perceive the sound environment in operating theatres with the present standards and building regulations?

Author(s): Quinn, M.

A comparative study of patient sitters with video monitoring versus in-room sitters

Author(s): Davis, J., Kutash, M., Iv, J. W.

How to improve sleep in a neonatal intensive care unit: A systematic review

Author(s): van den Hoogen, A., Teunis, C. J., Shellhaas, R. A., Pillen, S., Benders, M., Dudink, J.