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Knowledge Repository

Effect of outdoor noise and façade sound insulation on indoor acoustic environment of Italian schools

Author(s): Secchi, S., Astolfi, A., Calosso, G., Casini, D., Cellai, G., Scamoni, F., Scrosati, C., Shtrepi, L.

Development of a healthcare building sustainability assessment method – Proposed structure and system of weights for the Portuguese context

Author(s): Castro, M. de F., Mateus, R., Bragança, L.

Noise Reduction in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A Quality Improvement Initiative

Author(s): Ahamed, M. F., Campbell, D., Horan, S., Rosen, O.
<p>Elevated noise levels are regularly associated with adverse health effects among patients within healthcare environments. Infants are particularly vulnerable to elevated noise levels due to the immaturity of their auditory pathways, implying that neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) have an even greater responsibility for reducing noise levels.&nbsp;</p>
Key Point Summary

Nursing staff’s experiences of working in an evidence-based designed ICU patient room—An interview study

Author(s): Sundberg, F., Olausson, S., Fridh, I., Lindahl, B.

Participatory art based research with children’s to gain their perspectives on designing health care environments

Author(s): Water, T., Wrapson, J., Reay, S., Tokolahi, E., Payam, S.

Relationship between Environmental Conditions and Nosocomial Infection Rates in Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Şimşek, E. M., Grassie, S. S., Emre, C., Gevrek, S. Ç.
Due to the highly vulnerable state of the patients populating intensive care units (ICUs) and the health risks posed to healthcare providers working in ICUs, special attention must be given to the causes and effects of nosocomial infections within these areas.&nbsp;
Key Point Summary

A design for a more efficient, upper room germicidal ultraviolet air disinfection luminaire

Author(s): Milonova, S., Brandston, H. M., Rudnick, S., Ngai, P., Simonson, K., Rahman, S. F., Nardell, E.

Effects of noise on errors, injuries and subjective health of nursing staff

Author(s): Smith, A.

An Ergonomic Evaluation of Preoperative and Postoperative Workspaces in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Author(s): Wingler, D., Joseph, A., Joshi, R.

Increasing Patient Safety Through Resilient Design: Using Human Factors Engineering and Environmental Support Mechanisms to Reduce Potentials of Hospital Acquired Infection

Author(s): Platt, L. S., Greene, M.