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Knowledge Repository

A Strategic Approach to Target Capital Investment on Facility Assets: Literature Review

Author(s): Rincon, J. L., Lavy, S. l., Fernandez-Solis, J. L.

Probabilistic Return-on-Investment Analysis of Single-Family Versus Open-Bay Rooms in Neonatal Intensive Care Units—Synthesis and Evaluation of Early Evidence on Nosocomial Infections, Length of Stay, and Direct Cost of Care

Author(s): Sadatsafavi, H., Niknejad, B., Shepley, M., Sadatsafavi, M.

“Artificial But Better Than Nothing”: The Greening of an Oncology Clinic Waiting Room

Author(s): Blaschke, S., O’Callaghan, C. C., Schofield, P.

The Effect of Operating Lamps on the Protected Area of a Unidirectional Down Flow (UDF) System

Author(s): Traversari, A. A. L., Bottenheft, C., Louman, R., van Heumen, S. P. M., Böggemann, J.

The Elimination of Transfer Distances Is an Important Part of Hospital Design

Author(s): Karvonen, S., Nordback, I., Elo, J., Havulinna, J., Laine, H.-J.

Integrating Lean Exploration Loops Into Healthcare Facility Design: Programming Phase

Author(s): Mazur, L. M., Johnson, K., Pooya, P., Chadwick, J., McCreery, J.

Cancer Patients’ Recommendations for Nature-Based Design and Engagement in Oncology Contexts: Qualitative Research

Author(s): Blaschke, S., O’Callaghan, C. C., Schofield, P.

“Everything Happens in the Hallways”: Exploring User Activity in the Corridors at Two Rehabilitation Units

Author(s): Colley, J., Zeeman, H., Kendall, E.

The Impact of Visibility on Teamwork, Collaborative Communication, and Security in Emergency Departments: An Exploratory Study

Author(s): Gharaveis, A., Hamilton, D. K., Pati, D., Shepley, M.

The Impact of Environmental Design on Teamwork and Communication in Healthcare Facilities: A Systematic Literature Review

Author(s): Gharaveis, A., Hamilton, D. K., Pati, D.