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Knowledge Repository

Mental Health Units in Acute-Care Facilities

Author(s): Mackey, S., Bornstein, S.

A Psychoevolutionary Approach to Identifying Preferred Nature Scenes With Potential to Provide Restoration From Stress

Author(s): Thake, C. L., Bambling, M., Edirippulige, S., Marx, E.

Interventions to improve hospital patient satisfaction with healthcare providers and systems: a systematic review

Author(s): Davidson, K. W., Shaffer, J., Ye, S., Falzon, L., Emeruwa, I. O., Sundquist, K., Inneh, I. A., Mascitelli, S. L., Manzano, W. M., Vawdrey, D. K., Ting, H. H.

Qualitative ergonomics/human factors research in health care: Current state and future directions

Author(s): Valdez, R. S., McGuire, K. M., Rivera, A. J.

Noise and autism spectrum disorder in children: An exploratory survey

Author(s): Kanakri, S. M., Shepley, M., Varni, J. W., Tassinary, L. G.

Nursing work and sensory experiences of hospital design: A before and after qualitative study following a move to all-single room inpatient accommodation

Author(s): Donetto, S., Penfold, C., Anderson, J., Robert, G., Maben, J.

Healing gardens in children’s hospitals: Reflections on benefits, preferences and design from visitors’ books

Author(s): Reeve, A., Nieberler-Walker, K., Desha, C.
<p>Numerous previous studies have shown that gardens can provide healing and therapeutic benefits to patients. But lack of funding and space often impede the development of gardens in healthcare environments, as well as a lack of studies that focus on patient well-being after discharge.</p>
Key Point Summary

Evaluation of a sound environment intervention in an ICU: A feasibility study

Author(s): Johansson, L., Lindahl, B., Knutsson, ., Ögren, M., Persson Waye, K., Ringdal, M.

Methodology for analyzing environmental quality indicators in a dynamic operating room environment

Author(s): Gormley, T., Markel, T. A., Jones, H. W., Wagner, J., Greeley, D., Clarke, J. H., Abkowitz, M., Ostojic, J.
<p>Operating rooms (ORs) provide space for delicate and complex medical procedures. This is why these spaces are closely monitored for cleanliness and efficiency. HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) are especially important features to optimize in these environments so that rates of surgical site infections may be reduced.</p>
Key Point Summary

A Sensthetic Approach to Designing for Health

Author(s): Nanda, U.