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Knowledge Repository

Healthcare facilities maintenance management: a literature review

Author(s): Yousefli, Z., Nasiri, F., Moselhi, O.

A Model Flexible Design for Pediatric Hospital

Author(s): Sicignano, E., Petti, L., di Ruocco, G., Scarpitta, N.

Adaptive reuse in the healthcare industry: repurposing abandoned buildings to serve medical missions

Author(s): Elrod, J. K., Fortenberry, J. L.

An evaluation of hospital attractiveness and primary care availability leading to increasing emergency department visits

Author(s): Casalino, E., Choquet, C., Curac, S., Colosi, L., Kargougou, E., Ranaivoson, M., Aubier, M., Hellmann, R.

Evaluation of hospital outdoor spaces through users’ participation analysis

Author(s): Djukanovic, Z., Maric, J., Giofrè, F.

Three-dimensional air distribution analysis of different outflow typed operating rooms at different inlet velocities and room temperatures

Author(s): Ufat, Hande, Kaynakli, O., Yamankaradeniz, N., Yamankaradeniz, R.

A Capabilities Approach to Environmental Impact on Nursing Home Resident Quality of Life

Author(s): Thurman, W., Harrison, T. C., Blozis, S. A., Dionne-Vahalik, M., Mead, S.

The Environmental Services Perspective on Hospital Room Design: A Mixed-Methods Approach

Author(s): Patterson, E. S., Sanders, E., Sommerich, C. M., Evans, K. D., Lavender, S. A., Li, J.

Outcomes of Clostridium difficile– infected patients managed in a common isolation unit compared with isolation in their bed of diagnosis

Author(s): García-Lecona, D. A., Garza-González, E., Padilla-Orozco, M., Mendoza-Flores, L., Flores-Treviño, S., Mendoza-Olazaran, S., Camacho-Ortiz, A.

Assessing the functionality of temporary isolation rooms

Author(s): Mitchell, B. G., Williams, A., Wong, Z.