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Knowledge Repository

Psychosocially Supportive Design: The Case for Greater Attention to Social Space Within the Pediatric Hospital

Author(s): McLaughlan, R.

Alert Workplace From Healthcare Workers’ Perspective: Behavioral and Environmental Strategies to Improve Vigilance and Alertness in Healthcare Settings

Author(s): Zadeh, R. S., Shepley, M., Sadatsafavi, H., Owora, A. H., Krieger, A. C.

Setting the Stage: A Comparative Analysis of an Onstage/Offstage and a Linear Clinic Modules

Author(s): Freihoefer, K., Kaiser, L., Vonasek, D., Bayramzadeh, S.

Safety, Performance, and Satisfaction Outcomes in the Operating Room: A Literature Review

Author(s): Joseph, A., Bayramzadeh, S., Zamani, Z., Rostenberg, B.

Impact of Design on Patient Participation in Healthcare in a Rural Health Clinic in Appalachia: A Qualitative Pilot Study

Author(s): Haddox, J. C.

Living Independently: Exploring the Experiences of Visually Impaired People Living in Age-Related and Lifetime Housing Through Qualitative Synthesis

Author(s): Rooney, C., Hadjri, K., Faith, V., Rooney, M., McAllister, K., Craig, C.

Macrocognition in the Healthcare Built Environment (mHCBE): A Focused Ethnographic Study of “Neighborhoods” in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): O’Hara, S., Klar, R. T., Patterson, E. S., Morris, N., Ascenzi, J., Fackler, J. C., Perry, D. J.

Towards a Framework to Integrate Facilities Management Cost Effective Parameters in Design Process

Author(s): Islam, R., Mohamed, S. F., Bjørberg, S., Misnan, M. S., Yusof, Z. M.

Environmental design for end-of-life care: An integrative review on improving quality of life and managing symptoms for patients in institutional settings

Author(s): Zadeh, R. S., Eshelman, P., Setla, J., Kennedy, L., Hon, E., Basara, A.

Designing gardens for people with dementia: literature review and evidence-based design conceptual frame

Author(s): Charras, K., Laulier, V., Varcin, A., Aquino, J.-P.