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Knowledge Repository

Quantifying window view quality: A review on view perception assessment and representation methods

Author(s): Abd-Alhamid, F., Kent, M., Wu, Y.
Added November 2022

Learning from COVID 19. A comparison of innovative design solutions for human-centered healthcare facilities

Author(s): Brusamolin, E., Brambilla, A., Capolongo, S., Anzani, A., Scullica, F.
Added November 2022

Digital twin–based health care facilities management

Author(s): Madubuike, O. C., Anumba, C. J.
Added November 2022

Promoting the work engagement of the health worker: The role of secure workplace attachment, perceived spatial-physical comfort, and relationship with patients

Author(s): Mura, A. L., Nonnis, M., Scrima, F., Fornara, F.
Added December 2022

Measuring potential visual exposure of physicians during shift-end handoffs and its impact on interruptions, privacy, and collaboration

Author(s): Joshi, R., Ossmann, M., Joseph, A.
Added November 2022

Evaluation of the results of a periodic environmental biosecurity assessment program on air quality in controlled environment rooms of hospitals

Author(s): Sabuco-Tébar, E. A., Arense-Gonzalo, J. J., Campayo-Rojas, F. J.
Added November 2022

Research methods used in evidence-based design: An analysis of five years of research articles from the HERD Journal

Author(s): Battisto, D., Li, X., Dong, J., Hall, L., Blouin, J.
Added November 2022

Adapting the Australian Environmental Assessment Tool—High Care (EAT-HC): Experiences and Practical Implications From Germany, Japan, and Singapore

Author(s): Fahsold, A., Brennan, S., Doan, T., Sun, J., Palm, R., Verbeek, H., Holle, B.
Added September 2022

A systematic review and conceptual framework of biophilic design parameters in clinical environments

Author(s): Tekin, B. H., Corcoran, R., Gutiérrez, R. U.
Added September 2022

Identifying optimal locations for potential temporary community clinics during public health emergencies

Author(s): Mohagheghi, S., Gharipour, M., DeClercq, C., Bui, A., Tyne, I. A.
Added September 2022