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A complete, user-friendly database of healthcare design research references MoreLess about the Knowledge Repository

The Knowledge Repository is a complete, user-friendly database of healthcare design research references that continues to grow with the latest peer-reviewed publications. Start with our Knowledge Repository for all of your searches for articles and research citations on healthcare design topics. Access full texts through the source link, read key point summaries, or watch slidecasts. Expand your search and find project briefs, interviews, and other relevant resources by visiting our Insights & Solutions page.


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Patient and ward related risk factors in a multi-ward nosocomial outbreak of COVID-19: Outbreak investigation and matched case–control study

Author(s): Leal, J., O’Grady, H. M., Armstrong, L., Dixit, D., Khawaja, Z., Snedeker, K., Ellison, J., Erebor, J., Jamieson, P., Weiss, A., Salcedo, D., Roberts, K., Wiens, K., Croxen, M. A., Berenger, B. M., Pabbaraju, K., Lin, Y.-C., Evans, D., Conly, J.-M.
Added April 2023

Lessons from the first wave of COVID-19 in Italy: A collection of design strategies to face pandemic situations in healthcare facilities

Author(s): Brambilla, A., Brusamolin, E., Johnson, A. A., Scullica, F., Capolongo, S.
Added April 2023

Evaluation of the usage requirements of hospital signage systems based on the kano model

Author(s): Deng, L., Romainoor, N. H., Zhang, B.
Added April 2023

Visual comfort assessment of hospital patient rooms with climate responsive facades

Author(s): Toodekharman, H., Abravesh, M., Heidari, S.
Added April 2023

Biorisk management features of a temporary COVID-19 hospital

Author(s): Fontes, B., Scavone, D., Bridges, W., Landgraf, T., Fortgang, N.
Added April 2023

Control in healthcare interiors: The staff’s perspective

Author(s): Ballice, G., Çetin, Ç., Paykoç Özçelik, E., Tuna Ultav, Z.
Added April 2023

A 4-Bed Close-Observation Pod model of multidisciplinary care in hospital: A mixed methods study

Author(s): Bail, K., Barratt, M., Davidson, A., Isbel, S., Kaye, T., Kellett, J., Preston, E., Stanton, R., Scarvell, J.
Added April 2023

Give me a sign: Concrete symbols facilitate orientation in Alzheimer’s disease dementia

Author(s): Boedeker, S., Driessen, M., Schulz, P., Beblo, T., Kreisel, S., Toepper, M.
Added April 2023

Adults’ visual cue preferences and wayfinding abilities in healthcare centers

Author(s): Asli, A. A., Moshfeghifar, S., Mousighichi, P., Samimi, P. M.
Added April 2023

Associations of surgical team communication with the layout of physical space: A network analysis of the operating room in a military medical center

Author(s): Kabo, F. W., Stucky, C. H., De Jong, M. J.
Added April 2023

An adaptable and instructive architectural design proposal for the fight against COVID-19 pandemic in existing hospitals

Author(s): Şener, M., Öztürk, M., Kuzu, O.
Added April 2023

Using space syntax analysis to measure patient aggression risk

Author(s): MohammadiGorji, S., Nubani, L., Bosch, S. J., Valipoor, S., McElhinney, S.
Added April 2023

HUG: A compassionate approach to designing for wellbeing in dementia care

Author(s): Treadaway, C., Seckam, A., Fennell, J., Taylor, A.
Added April 2023

Heatwaves, hospitals and health system resilience in England: A qualitative assessment of frontline perspectives from the hot summer of 2019

Author(s): Brooks, K., Landeg, O., Kovats, S., Sewell, M., OConnell, E.
Added April 2023

Potentially inadequate real-life speech levels by healthcare professionals during communication with older inpatients

Author(s): Stuck, A. K., Born, S., Stuck, A. E., Kompis, M.
Added April 2023

Metaverse for healthcare: A survey on potential applications, challenges and future directions

Author(s): Chengoden, R., Victor, N., Huynh-The, T., Yenduri, G., Jhaveri, R. H., Alazab, M., Bhattacharya, S., Hegde, P., Maddikunta, P., Gadekallu, T. R.
Added April 2023

The perceived support from light and color before and after an evidence-based design intervention in an emergency department environment: A quasi-experimental study

Author(s): Lindahl, J., Thulesius, H., Wijk, H., Edvardsson, D., Elmqvist, C.
Added April 2023

Evaluating occupant light exposure and usage patterns in an inpatient behavioral health unit

Author(s): Banasiak, M., Wilkerson, A., Safranek, S.
Added April 2023

The influence of everyday acoustic environments on the challenging behavior in dementia: A participatory observation study in nursing homes

Author(s): Talebzadeh, A., Decoutere, I., Vander Mynsbrugge, T., Botteldooren, D., Devos, P., Aletta, F., Van de Velde, D., De Vriendt, P.
Added April 2023

Numerical investigation of indoor air quality in health care facilities: A case study of an intensive care unit

Author(s): Ismail, Y. A., Eldosoky, M. A. A., Rashed, M. R., Soliman, A. M.
Added April 2023