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Patient-Centered Medical Home Toolbox Launches


The patient-centered medical home is a model of care that facilitates partnerships between patients, clinicians, and family members. Medical homes provide individualized patient care that is designed to increase care coordination and communication between providers and patients, and enhance overall quality, while simultaneously reducing costs.

The New Patient-Centered Medical Home Toolbox Contains:


An Issue Brief and Executive Summary


“Transforming the Physical Environment to Support Care” discusses patient-centered medical home (PCMH) principles, implementation, and evaluation, reviews operational strategies that support the principles of PCMH, and illustrate environmental design features of PCMH found in recent design and research publications.


Three Interviews

  • “Redesigning The Primary Care System Into Patient-Centered Medical Homes”, an interview with Beverley Johnson, describes the ways patient-centered medical homes are changing care environments, the importance of involving patients in the creation of patient-centered medical homes, and the outcomes that can be improved for patients as a result of patient-centered medical homes.
  • “Small is Beautiful: Patient-Centered Medical Home Model May Be the End of Large Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities”, an interview with Dan Thomas discusses the ways facility design can support the patient-centered medical home model, the key issues and challenges associated with implementing this model, and the outcomes that can be positively impacted through patient-centered medical homes.
  • “Taking the Next Step: Building Effective, Multi-Functional, Patient-Driven Medical Homes”, an interview with Cindy Barr reviews the definition of patient-centered medical homes, the connection between patient-centered medical homes and acute care facilities, and ways to implement a patient-centered medical home.

Two Case Studies

  • “Patient-Centered Medical Care Improves Health Outcomes in Native American Communities”, by reflecting the needs of its community, reorganizing care teams to improve patient satisfaction without demanding additional resources, and using proactive population health modeling tools that enable real-time responses to health trends.
  • “Hospital Design Responds to Diverse Urban and Cultural Needs”. In this case study you will learn: the ways hospital planners worked within both architecture and urban planning parameters, a new facility that could serve various populations in a diverse cultural environment, and a hospital setting that could function as a self-sustaining community and enhance wellness. 

Design Strategies:

“Top Design Strategies for Patient-Centered Medical Homes” provides design strategies organized around the PCMH principles that they support.


The “Patient-Centered Medical Home Design Evaluation Checklist” provides relevant environmental, operational, and people measures listed under specific PCMH principles that can then be used to evaluate the achievement of patient-centered medical home goals. 

Three Blogs:

  • “Treating Patients as Partners”.  The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) designation, is a comprehensive framework for designing a primary system of care that revolves around the core concept of actively involving patients in their own care.
  • “Getting to the Heart of a Patient-Centered Medical Home”. Have you earned the designation of a Patient-Centered Medical Home (or PCMH) yet? If not, now is a good time to explore this up-and-coming model of excellence, which can be of benefit to both your patients and your organization.
  •  “Stepping Up Efforts for High-Risk Populations”. For healthcare organizations that provide a safety need for low-income and high risk populations, getting some of the poorest and sickest patients involved in their own care can be quite challenging.

Lessons Learned:

Ten key takeaways from expert interviews.

Related Resources

List of other organizations that are supporting the creation of Patient Centered Medical Homes.

Two Webinars:

  • “Healthcare Design In Support of the Military Health System’s Transformation to a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Model of Care” explores how and why the MHS transformed to a PCMH model of care and why facility redesign was critical to the model’s success.
  • “Designing a New Ambulatory Care Model: A Case Study Look at Ambulatory Design Trends Featuring UW Health – Yahara Clinic”. This webinar explores how to recognize evolving ambulatory care models and design trends. Viewers will gain insight into the application of evidenced-based design to ambulatory care design, they will learn about the operational concept of self-rooming, and how to design for Lean Integrated Care Team environments.



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