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Affinity Health System

Appleton, WI



Affinity is substantially expanding its clinic network to improve service to its patient population. The mission of the project is to create a clinic prototype of approximately 12,000 square feet, accommodating a six-physician practice that will become the standard for all future facility designs. The intention is to expand the network, adding a minimum of 6-8 new clinics in the next five years.


The goal is to create a truly community-based healthcare network that improves patient convenience, reduces travel time, and brings services to patients. Emphasis on sustainability will be an integral part of all components of the design as Affinity pursues LEED certification for this project.  Affinity believes that changes in the physical environment of its clinics will positively affect patient perceptions and operational efficiency and intends to measure that for its Pebble Project. The project architect is Flad & Associates.




  • Kusnierz, G., Babineau, F. (JR, & Hogan, C. (2010). Pebble Partner St. Elizabeth Hospital emergency room renovation. Healthcare Design, 10(2), 14–15. “Pebble Partner Affinity Health System's St. Elizabeth Hospital, located in Appleton, Wisconsin, applies Lean principles to identify and eliminate waste, evidence-based design (EBD) practices to enhance the patient experience, and sustainable criteria to design and build environmentally friendly buildings.”