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Lake Hospital System

Lake County, OH

Lake Hospital System (LHS) is replacing its existing Lake east campus acute care facility with the TriPoint Medical Center in Concord Township. This new $150 million, 120 bed, full-service hospital opene in October of 2009 and will be approximately 300,000 square feet with an additional 55,000 square foot medical office building. The architect on this project is Karlsberger.


Ten ways that TriPoint Medical Center will redefine health care include:


  • A user-friendly experience that starts with valet service, an inviting exterior with an obvious "front door", easy way-finding and hallway benches that will provide a break if you want to rest.
  • State-of-the-art, digital technology
  • Single patient rooms offering a quieter, less stressful, and safer stay and will also accommodate the whole spectrum of health care, so most patients will remain in the same room from admission through discharge.
  • Family Space in each room with comfortable seating, allowing for family comfort and unrestricted visiting.
  • A Healing Environment designed to promote rest and relaxation with large windows for natural light, views of nature and water elements, sound-absorbing materials, personal communication devices to replace overhead paging, non-slip floors, and air exchange systems to reduce infections.
  • Healthy, delicious food, ordered when you want it and served at the right temperature and restaurant-style dining.
  • Health Resources and Education
  • Dedicated Elevator
  • Top Physicians and Staff
  • The Community Hospital Advantage



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