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Lakeland Health & Healing

St. Joseph, MI

Lakeland is constructing a new $51 million, four story, 142,636 sq. ft. patient pavilion and redesigning its main entrance. A total of 140 existing licensed beds will be replaced with 118 rooms, of which 84 percent will be private. The rooms will be nearly 50% larger than those currently in use at Lakeland and will provide more space for visitors and family members. These larger rooms will have the ability to accommodate the newest medical technologies that will now be able to come to the patient. Each room will include a separate nursing area away from visitors with state-of-the-art technology. The corridors where visitors walk will no longer be shared with patients being transported to tests and procedures; separate walkways will keep patients safe from incidental contact with people with colds.

In addition to incorporating a "healing environment" into the design of the facility with views of art, access to nature and natural light, and sound reduction techniques, the design of the patient room also incorporates best practices that focus on increasing patient safety through a reduction in patient falls and infection rates. The design firms for the project are BSA LifeStructures and Maregatti Interiors.


Research topics include examining infection rates, patient falls, patient satisfaction, noise, and nurse's time spent with patients.



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    "Having previously experienced frustration with project budget management in past projects we knew there had to be a better way. Since we were embarking on the largest and most expensive project we had done in 25 years (an inpatient care addition), we also knew it was important to understand exactly where we stood financially with the entire project at all times. Finally, we had to be able to communicate the finances to various audiences with different interests."