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MD Anderson Cancer Center

Houston, TX

The M. D. Anderson Cancer Center campus includes an inpatient pavilion with 521 beds, five research buildings, three outpatient clinic buildings, a faculty office building, a proton radiation clinic building and a patient-family hotel.


In 2005 M.D. Anderson opened a 781,000square-foot outpatient Ambulatory Clinical Building that integrates comprehensive services to support Gynecologic, Genitourinary and Breast Cancer patients. This was the first of several clinical buildings on the Houston Texas Medical Center campus. The Lowry and Peggy Mays Clinic includes eight levels of clinic, diagnostic, treatment and office space, a public access floor and a mechanical mezzanine. The facility design incorporates a unique village-like design, which encourages patient/staff interactions, and will contribute to the institution's emphasis on comfort and healing. Architects and designers for the project are Kaplan, McLaughlin-Diaz; FKP; and O'Neil, Hill.


M.D. Anderson research is focusing on how aspects of the built environment influence patients, family, staff and faculty in a clinical setting. Key Topic Areas of Interest include noise, pleasant distractions, safety features, wayfinding systems, control, and support space.



  • Etchegaray, J., Fischer, W., Sisolak, J., & Lipka, S. (2006). Effects of built-environment factors on healthcare: Satisfaction, operations, and outcomes. Healthcare Design, 6(3), 8–8,10.
    “The purpose of M.D. Anderson's Pebble Project study is to determine whether the physical environment of the new ACB, compared to those of existing facilities, exerts a more positive influence on four populations:
    - Patient Contact Staff (patient service coordinators, clinic nurses, research nurses, advance practice nurses, nutritionists, social workers, case managers, patient advocates, chaplaincy, etc.)
    - Physicians (faculty, residents, fellows)
    - Patients
    - Family/Caregivers”