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Eindhoven, Netherlands

Philips Healthcare offers Ambient Experience design solutions as part of its overall focus on People Focused Healthcare. They provide design consultancy and technology solutions to improve the experience of both patients and staff through positive distraction, personalization and de-cluttered workspaces. Their solutions can be tailored to individual imaging suites or encompass larger areas of the healthcare facility.


Philips is one of the top-tier players in the healthcare technology market (based on sales) alongside General Electric (GE) and Siemens. The Healthcare sector has global leadership positions in areas such as cardiac care, acute care and home healthcare.


  • Philips Healthcare’s current activities are organized across five businesses:
  • Imaging Systems – X-ray, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR), and nuclear medicine imaging equipment.
  • Clinical Care Systems – ultrasound imaging, hospital respiratory systems, cardiac care systems and children’s medical ventures.
  • Home Healthcare Solutions – sleep management and respiratory care, medical alert services, remote cardiac services, remote patient management.
  • Healthcare Informatics – healthcare informatics, patient monitoring systems and image management services.
  • Customer Services – consultancy, clinical services, education, equipment financing, asset management and equipment maintenance and repair.



  • Ensign, J. C. (2009). Ambient Experience: Transforming the healthcare environment. Healthcare Design, 9(5), 20–20,22.
    “Best practices from high-end medical imaging technology, lighting, and consumer lifestyle industries are put to use in Ambient Experience design, introducing innovative elements to transform the space.”