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SSM Health Care - St. Louis

St. Louis, MO

SSM Health Care - St. Louis is building SSM St. Clare Health Center, a replacement hospital for SSM St. Joseph Hospital of Kirkwood, a new $215 million campus on a 54-acre site that is planned to open in the Spring of 2009.


The design for the 158-bed SSM St. Clare revealed a campus focusing on convenience and accessibility resulting in a hospital that is human-centered, with an emphasis on comfort and safety.


SSM St. Clare will incorporate four “patient experience zones” – Emergency, Outpatient Services, Inpatient Care and Surgical/Specialty Services – each with separate parking and entrances. The zones will be connected by a central Town Square area that will offer dining and retail services, a business and health information center, and convenient meeting space. The hospital will also have a chapel and meditation/spiritual areas throughout.


Key features of SSM St. Clare’s design include:

  • Distinct settings for cancer patients, heart care and women’s services organized around the patients’ needs. Patients will have convenient, one-stop access to all the services they need without having to travel to multiple locations within the hospital.
  • A dedicated outpatient services area that will provide quick access and close-in parking.
  • Multiple, decentralized nursing alcoves, rather than the traditional centralized nursing station, bring caregivers closer to the patients to improve safety and response.
  • Large, all-private patient suites with an area that includes sleeping accommodations for family members.


The latest in information technology to promote quality and patient safety; for example, bar codes on patient’s wristbands that correspond with bar codes on medications, to lessen the risk for errors.