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Staff Wellbeing Toolbox


The Center for Health Design has launched the Staff Wellbeing toolbox containing a library of newly-created and Center staff-curated content. Included in this toolbox are research findings, expert insights, strategies, and other useful resources connecting the built environment to improved staff wellbeing. 

When healthcare facilities do not have adequate staff to maintain operations, consequences can include lost revenue, high turnover of existing staff, and compromised patient outcomes. It is incumbent on healthcare futurists and leaders to rethink healthcare work environments.

Creating spaces that not only support patient outcomes, but that support staff fulfillment, resilience and organizational commitment will be required for success as the healthcare industry seeks to sustain itself in the midst of high patient volumes and high operating expenses. 

Understanding the multifaceted impact of the built environment includes recognizing how acoustics, interruptions, break spaces, social support, and access to nature can be leveraged to support staff.

To assist healthcare organizations, architects, designers, suppliers and others involved in the planning, design and construction of healthcare spaces, The Center has created a Staff Wellbeing toolbox containing a library of newly-created and Center staff-curated content - research findings, expert insights, strategies, tools, and other useful resources.


The New Staff Wellbeing Toolbox Contains:


Two Issue Briefs


One Executive Summary


Two Design Tools


Two Design Strategies


Eight Webinars


Two Project Briefs


Two EBD Journal Clubs


One Lessons Learned


One Related Resource


Click here for more Staff Wellbeing Toolbox resources.

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