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Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform is in full swing with the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), providing many opportunities for the built environment to be a driving force in better outcomes. Organizations are incentivized to improve the quality of the built environment, which can be accomplished by taking a comprehensive look at facility design, operational decisions, staff training, and care delivery, and how they relate to outcomes.
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Insights & Solutions

April 2015 Blog

The passage of healthcare reform has increased the demand for healthcare services in communities all across the country. For many hospitals, this translates into the need for more beds and bigger facilities. But with the current emphasis on providing high quality care in a cost effective setting, the truth is that in today’s challenging marketplace, bigger isn’t necessarily better.

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February 2015 Interview

Learn about: the key issues facing healthcare administration as a result of healthcare reform, forward-thinking strategies to manage the challenges associated with healthcare reform and the ways healthcare architects and designers can help envision future healthcare enterprises.

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