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Impact of Aging

As people live longer and longer, managing the needs of the aging population is more important than ever. Medical and technological advancements are changing healthcare for the better, giving facility designers and medical professionals new ways to provide flexible models of care and help individuals age in place. 

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Insights & Solutions

March 2021 Webinar

This engaging webinar panel will bring together a diverse group of industry thought leaders to explore where these challenges exist and how the built environment, technology, community, and innovative new models could reshape the future of health, wellness and how and where we will age.  

September 2020 Workshop
The Workshop


In this workshop, expert faculty will share current physical, mental and societal challenges posed when individuals age, discuss programming and design interventions that can assist people (and their care givers) with those challenges, and present case studies and examples that integrate architecture, design and technology into healthy, safe living environments. 

August 2020 Webinar

This webinar explores key design strategies and best practices for creating great environments for aging in place. From principles of universal design and biophilia to the role of technology and building materials, multiple elements of successful environments will be discussed. Presenters will also address some of the hurdles in creating effective environments for aging in place, including licensing and staffing, and will examine a case study of one operator’s unique approach. Participants will walk away from this session with more tools for creating environments for aging in place.

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