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The FGI Guidelines state that “all health care facility projects shall be designed and constructed to facilitate the safe delivery of care. To support this goal, an interdisciplinary team shall develop a safety risk assessment.”

To this end, this Safety Risk Assessment toolkit has been created through a consensus process of experts in the safety risk areas. It is intended for use with collaborative input of project and facility-based experience. The goal of this tool is to provide guidance to consider the underlying (latent) conditions that can lead to harm.

  • Set goals to reduce harm
  • Assemble your team
  • Gather historic safety data
  • Consult with all stakeholders
  • Define the problem
  • Define the objectives
  • Consider the evidence
  • Analyze options and tradeoffs
  • Suggest design solutions
  • Align design with operations
  • Document solutions and reasons
  • Identify quality improvement goals
  • Confirm decisions