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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I do this by myself?

The toolkit is meant to be completed by a diverse group of stakeholders to ensure you are getting different perspectives on the intended outcomes and how a solution might work in the real world.

How long will it take?

During testing, we found that many of the considerations could be discussed in just a few minutes. However, the power of the tool is the ability to open conversations that may lead to more effective solutions than originally envisioned.

Can I just do it once and put it away?

Most users of the tool feel there is value in using the toolkit across the liefcycle of the project to track decision-making and reduce the chance of important features being cut during value engineering.

How do I print my SRA?

There are two primary options for printing. First, for a general project overview (e.g., for your AHJ), go to the Project Profile and click on "Print Profile" (purple button). The second options provides more detailed information: print sections of the tool separately (e.g., design considerations within each risk category). See the “Printing & Saving” video tutorial for more guidance.

What is the relationship to the FGI requirements?

FGI's Guidelines require a safety risk assessment. This is one way teams might meet the requirements.

Will this guarantee a safe environment?

Safety is complex and needs to consider the interactions of staff, patients, organizational policies and procedures, in addition to the built environment. The toolkit helps teams to understand how design can support safety outcomes.

Does the toolkit give me the solutions I should include?

The toolkit is intended to prompt discussion with your team. Because each project varies with the model of care, patient populations being served, the culture of the organization, etc., it is better to think through the issues rather than jump to prescriptive solutions.

Why isn't there a score for Design Considerations?

Safe design isn't achieved through the number of things that are done, but through a thoughtful approach to solutions and the interactions in a real-world environment. It is more important to understand the issues through discussion than to treat the Design Considerations as a checklist.

Which browser should I use for the SRA tool?

For the best experience we recommend using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox web browser.

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