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A Look Behind to Look Ahead 

The challenges we face as an industry have grown over the past year with an increased understanding of the need to address many societal and environmental issues.

We are at a pivotal point where creating a path forward requires careful planning, inclusion and a strong understanding of history – what went right and what didn't work. Which is why it's crucial we take the time to learn from and honor leaders who can provide inspiration from their experiences. 

The Center honors just such individuals or organizations annually with the Changemaker Award. Given by The Center for Health Design's Board of Directors at Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, this award honors individuals or organizations that have demonstrated an exceptional ability to change the way healthcare facilities are designed and built, and whose work has a broad impact on addressing equity and other pressing needs facing the advancement of healthcare design today.

Why nominate someone?

  • To recognize an individual or organization that has changed the way healthcare facilities are designed and built, and whose work has a broad impact on the advancement of healthcare design.
  • To give the potential recipient an opportunity to share lessons learned about changing the healthcare design industry with colleagues at the annual Healthcare Design Expo & Conference.
  • To inspire the healthcare industry to create for better healthcare environments.

Nominations are due February, 28. To read more about the award, including past honorees, and submit a nomination, click here.

Be well,

Debra Levin, Hon. FASID, EDAC
President and CEO


Two February webinars that explore and celebrate design excellence 

Research Matters: 10 Picks for the Year

February 18, 2021
10:00 AM PT/1:00 ET

To apply evidence-based design, you have to know what the best available evidence is. But research is published faster than anyone can read it. How can researchers and practitioners keep up with the most important work?

In this rapid-fire webinar, researchers from The Center for Health Design will present their version of visual abstracts for 10 articles of the past year, discussing what we've learned, and what we still need to know.

Celebrating Design Excellence:
Award Winning Case Studies

February 18, 2021
12:00 PM PT /  3:00 PM ET

The Healthcare Environment Awards recognize innovative, life-enhancing evidence-based designs that contribute to the quality of health and healthcare.

Join this fast-paced webinar featuring winners of the 2020 Healthcare Environment Awards, and see what is unique and innovative about their award-winning design concepts and more importantly, what they have in common.



Stance Healthcare




Free Tools & Resources

Clinic Design Post-Occupancy Evaluation Toolkit

Evaluation and feedback are key to improving the built environment when it involves the larger community. A post-occupancy evaluation can provide insight on identifying and solving problems in the built environment, fine tuning the building according to user needs and feeback and ongoing building adaptations due to changing organizational needs

Upcoming Events

Make Sure to Get These Events on Your Calendar

3/5, EDAC Online Study Session

3/18, Free Webinar: The Future of the Behavioral Healthcare Care Team Station

3/18, Free Webinar: Design Strategies that Reduce Aggression in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Facilities

3/25, Free EBD Journal Club: From Fable to Reality at Parkland Hospital

Classic Resources

Webinar: Behavioral Health Behind Closed Doors

This webinar explores how MedStar Health used fast-track design to help catalyze a new model of behavioral health, using the reduction of barriers, small house concepts and interior design strategies to create positive environments where patients are positively impacted.

The Lede: Aerosol and Surface Stability of SARS CoV-2 as Compared with SARS CoV-1

Under controlled lab conditions, NIH and CDC researchers found two SARS viruses survived in the air, and on plastic, stainless steel, copper, and cardboard up to several days. Precautions against infections originating in hospitals and super-spreader events are needed.

Industry News Briefs

Hotels Eyed for Vaccination Sites


Soon after the COVID-19 pandemic erupted last March and hospitalizations soared, healthcare facilities looked for additional space. As a result, convention centers and warehouses were turned into field hospitals. Now, as healthcare organizations seek to build distribution networks for vaccines, a different sector of the facilities market is getting the call.
Healthcare Facilities Today,

Virtual Inspections See Growing Acceptance 

For decades, hospitals and other health care organizations have come to expect up-close and in-person scrutiny from inspectors and surveyors who make on-site visits. Then the coronavirus happened, bringing crucial social distancing rules and special precautions. Suddenly, confirming compliance with codes and standards became a lower priority as facilities scrambled to keep occupants safe and manage patient surges.
Health Facilities Management,

Making Moves with Little Disruption 

The need for high-functioning healthcare facilities is as clear as ever. But what happens when a procedural suite needs to be upgraded? Or a major piece of medical equipment needs to be replaced to provide new treatment options to patients?
Healthcare Design,

Embracing New Technology in Planning and Design


Today’s buildings are often fancier versions of the 1960s tower-on-podium model with a lot of technology crammed inside. The patient is moved around from place to place — in an environment assembled by a collection of departments or individual silos — to receive care instead of bringing the care and technology to the patient.
Health Facilities Management,

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