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Research Services

Whether you need expert advice on a research project, need an expert to do research for you,  or you simply need to be pointed to the right resources, we can help you in the following ways.

Tools and Metrics


The most current and useful tools to take action for your healthcare projects. We can train your team to use them or come on site and do the work with you.

  • Tool identification
  • Custom tool development
  • Tool validation
  • Virtual tool training
  • On-site tool training

Literature Scans

Our researchers conduct extensive keyword searches to collect data from all reliable sources on specific healthcare topics and consolidate the most relevant information for you into an easy-to-read summary.

  • Literature Reviews
  • Design relevance documents
  • Industry scan
  • Healthcare issues synopsis
  • White paper on topics of interest

Research Guidance

On-call, expert consultation on healthcare facility planning and design initiatives

  • Research project development/review
  • Research brainstorming workshop
  • Research proposal/protocol development
  • Institutional Review Board process
  • General research training
  • Focused research training
  • Database and literature management
  • Research department setup
  • Research idea development

Safety Risk Assessment Training

The Center can provide training on use of the Safety Risk Assessment Toolkit, either remotely or in-person. An overview is provided of safety and risk in healthcare design. Each topic (for example, infection control, falls, and medication safety) is also presented as an introductory module for training purposes with associated background reading. After the introduction of each individual risk component, a walkthrough of several examples is provided, after which teams undertake a hypothetical or real-world project. The project is considered with input from the interdisciplinary design team and subject matters experts (in-house to the trainee organization or provided through The Center). This project-based exercise highlights the integration of thinking across different areas of safety in design. Onsite courses are typically provided as two half-day sessions (afternoon and morning). 

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