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Knowledge Repository

Understanding Design Vulnerabilities in the Physical Environment Relating to Patient Fall Patterns in a Psychiatric Hospital: Seven Years of Sentinel Events

Author(s): Bayramzadeh, S., Portillo, M., Carmel-Gilfilen, C.

Genomic Analysis of Hospital Plumbing Reveals Diverse Reservoir of Bacterial Plasmids Conferring Carbapenem Resistance

Author(s): Weingarten, R., Johnson, R. C., Conlan, S., Ramsburg, A. M., Dekker, John P., Lau, A. F., Khil, P., Odom, R. T., Deming, C., Park, M., Thomas, P. J., , , Henderson, D. K., Palmore, T. N., Segre, J. A., Frank, K. M.

Can the physical environment itself influence neurological patient activity?

Author(s): Shannon, M. M., Elf, M., Churilov, L., Olver, J., Pert, A., Bernhardt, J.

A Simulation of Rainwater Harvesting Design and Demand-Side Controls for Large Hospitals

Author(s): Fulton, L. V.

The history of healthcare facilities management services: a UK perspective on infection control

Author(s): Njuangang, S., Liyanage, C., Akintoye, A.

Door openings in the operating room are associated with increased environmental contamination

Author(s): Perez, Priscilla, Holloway, Julia, Ehrenfeld, Lucy, Cohen, Susan, Cunningham, Linda, Miley, Gerald B., Hollenbeck, Brian L.

Hospital wards and modular construction: Summertime overheating and energy efficiency

Author(s): Fifield, L. J., Lomas, K. J., Giridharan, R., Allinson, D.

Evaluating the impact of photovoltaic systems on the thermal performance of buildings and its implication to building energy code. A case study in subtropical Hong Kong

Author(s): Chan, A. L. S.

The efficacy of self-disinfecting bedrail covers in an intensive care unit

Author(s): Esolen, L. M., Thakur, L., Layon, A. J., Fuller, T. A., Harrington, D.-J., Jha, K., Kariyawasam, S.

Outpatient Infection Prevention: A Practical Primer

Author(s): Steinkuller, F., Harris, Kristofer, Vigil, K. J., Ostrosky-Zeichner, L.