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Knowledge Repository

Mapping the impact of ICU design on patients, families and the ICU team: A scoping review

Author(s): Saha, S., Noble, H., Xyrichis, A., Hadfield, D., Best, T., Hopkins, P., Rose, L.
Added October 2021

A nature-based health intervention at a military healthcare center: a randomized, controlled, cross-over study

Author(s): Ameli, R., Skeath, P., Abraham, P. A., Panahi, S., Kazman, J. B., Foote, F., Deuster, P. A., Ahmad, N., Berger, A.
Added February 2021

Evaluation of hospital's emergency departments according to user requirements

Author(s): Aygün, A. H., Erçin, Ç.
Added February 2021

Human centered design in one new hospital in Canada: A lived experience of healthcare professionals

Author(s): Hammouni, Z., Poldma, T., Russo, D., Ahram, T., Karwowski, W., Di Bucchianico, G., Taiar, R.
Added February 2021

Two generative design methods of hospital operating department layouts based on healthcare systematic layout planning and generative adversarial network

Author(s): Zhao, C., Yang, J., Xiong, W., Li, J.
Added February 2021

Modular composite building in urgent emergency engineering projects: A case study of accelerated design and construction of Wuhan Thunder God Mountain/Leishenshan hospital to COVID-19 pandemic

Author(s): Chen, L-K., Yuan, R.-P., Ji, X.-J., Lu, X.-Y., Xiao, J., Tao, J.-B., Kang, X., Li, X., He, Z-H., Quan, S., Jiang, L.Z.
Added February 2021

Building performance evaluation of a new hospital building in the UK: Balancing indoor environmental quality and energy performance

Author(s): Jain, N., Burman, E., Stamp, S., Shrubsole, C., Bunn, R., Oberman, T., Barrett, E., Aletta, F., Kang, J., Raynham, P., Mumovic, D., Davies, M.
Added February 2021

Stroke patients’ nonscheduled activity during inpatient rehabilitation and its relationship with the architectural layout: A multicenter shadowing study

Author(s): Kevdzija, M., Marquardt, G.
Added February 2021

Physical-digital model for co-design in healthcare buildings

Author(s): Caixeta, Michele Caroline Bueno Ferrari, Fabricio, Márcio Minto
Added March 2021

Welcoming places: Perspectives of individuals with mental illnesses

Author(s): Snethen, G., Jeffries, V., Thomas, E., Salzer, M.
Added March 2021