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Knowledge Repository

Neonatal COVID-19 infection management

Author(s): Naranje, K. M., Gupta, G., Singh, A., Bajpai, S., Verma, A., Jaiswal, R., Pandey, A., Roy, A., Kaur, H., Gupta, A., Gautam, A., Dwivedi, M., Birthare, A.

Can aerosols and wastewater be considered as potential transmissional sources of COVID-19 to humans?

Author(s): El Baz, S., Imziln, B.

Environmental factors and ventilation affect concentrations of microorganisms in hospital wards of Southern Thailand

Author(s): Onmek, N., Kongcharoen, J., Singtong, A., Penjumrus, A., Junnoo, S.

Temporal variations in bacterial community diversity and composition throughout intensive care unit renovations

Author(s): Chopyk, J., Akrami, K., Bavly, T., Shin, J. H., Schwanemann, L. K., Ly, M., Kalia, R., Xu, Y., Kelley, S. T., Malhotra, A., Torriani, F. J., Sweeney, D. A., Pride, D. T.

Challenges regarding the control of environmental sources of contamination in healthcare settings in low-and middle-income countries - a narrative review

Author(s): Ogunsola, F. T., Mehtar, S.

Impact of surgical lamp design on the risk of surgical site infections in operating rooms with mixing and unidirectional airflow ventilation: A numerical study

Author(s): Sadeghian, P., Wang, C., Duwig, C., Sadrizadeh, S.

Effects of forced air warming systems on the airflow and sanitation quality of operating rooms with non-laminar airflow systems

Author(s): Shirozu, K., Takamori, S., Setoguchi, H., Yamaura, K.

An experimental study of the flow characteristics and velocity fields in an operating room with laminar airflow ventilation

Author(s): Lin, T., Zargar, O. A., Lin, K.-Y., Juiña, O., Sabusap, D. L., Hu, S.-C., Leggett, G.

Rapid deployment of inpatient telemedicine in response to COVID-19 across three health systems

Author(s): Vilendrer, S., Patel, B., Chadwick, W., Hwa, M., Asch, S., Pageler, N., Ramdeo, R., Saliba-Gustafsson, E. A., Strong, P., Sharp, C.

The intensive care unit environment: Impact and prevention

Author(s): Dawson, D., Johansson, L., Boulanger, C., McWilliams, D.