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Knowledge Repository

Post-Occupancy Evaluation: Research Paradigm or Diagnostic Tool

Author(s): Becker, Franklin, Preiser, Wolfgang F.E., Hardy, Andrea E., Schramm, Ulrich

From Research to Application: Supportive and Therapeutic Environments for People Living With Dementia

Author(s): Calkins, M. P.

The Influence of Traffic, Area Location, and Other Factors on Operating Room Microbial Load

Author(s): Taaffe, K., Lee, B., Ferrand, Y., Fredendall, L., San, D., Salgado, C., Shvorin, D., Khoshkenar, A., Reeves, S., ,

Evaluation of a sound environment intervention in an ICU: A feasibility study

Author(s): Johansson, L., Lindahl, B., Knutsson, ., Ögren, M., Persson Waye, K., Ringdal, M.

Systematic review of the effects of intensive-care-unit noise on sleep of healthy subjects and the critically ill

Author(s): Horsten, S., Reinke, L., Absalom, A. R., Tulleken, J. E.

Noise Reduction in Progressive Care Units

Author(s): McGough, N. N. H., Keane, T., Uppal, A., Dumlao, M., Rutherford, Wendy, Kellogg, K., Ward, E., Kendal, C., Fields, W.

Health care facility vulnerability in developing nations: strengthening health care policy-making and implementation

Author(s): Jain, R., Rao, B.

New insights on antimicrobial efficacy of copper surfaces in the healthcare environment: a systematic review

Author(s): Chyderiotis, S., Legeay, C., Verjat-Trannoy, D., Le Gallou, F., Astagneau, P., Lepelletier, D.

Integrated BIM, game engine and VR technologies for healthcare design: A case study in cancer hospital

Author(s): Lin, Y.-C., Chen, Y.-P., Yien, H.-W., Huang, C-Y., Su, Y.-C.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) screening of hospital dental clinic surfaces

Author(s): Faden, A.