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Knowledge Repository

Aerodynamic analysis of SARS-CoV-2 in two Wuhan hospitals

Author(s): Liu, Y, Ning, Z., Chen, Y., Guo, M., Liu, Y., Gali, N. K., Sun, L., Duan, Y., Cai, J., Westerdahl, D., Liu, X., Xu, K., Ho, K.-F., Kan, H., Fu, Q., Lan, K.

The influence of wooden interior materials on indoor environment: A review

Author(s): Alapieti, T., Mikkola, R., Pasanen, P., Salonen, H.

Nurses’ perception of safety on hospital interior environments and infectious diseases: An exploratory study

Author(s): Bae, S., Asojo, A. O.

Noise in an inpatient hospital ward in New Zealand

Author(s): Hulland, T., Su, A., Kingan, M.

Antiviral and antibacterial nanostructured surfaces with excellent mechanical properties for hospital applications

Author(s): Hasan, J., Xu, Y., Yarlagadda, T., Schuetz, M., Spann, K., Yarlagadda, P. K. D. V.

Detection of Novel Coronavirus on the surface of environmental materials contaminated by COVID-19 patients in the Republic of Korea

Author(s): Lee, S.-E., Lee, D.-Y., Lee, W.-G., Kang, B. H., Jang, Y. S., Ryu, B., Lee, S. J., Bahk, H., Lee, E.

Fire safety management of public buildings: A systematic review of hospital buildings in Asia

Author(s): Muhamad Salleh, N., Agus Salim, N. A., Jaafar, M., Sulieman, M. Z., Ebekozien, A.

Designing for patient safety and efficiency: Simulation-based hospital design testing

Author(s): Colman, N., Edmond, M. B., Dalpiaz, A., Walter, S., Miller, D. C., Hebbar, K.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in intensive care unit

Author(s): Saran, S., Gurjar, M., Baronia, A., Sivapurapu, V., Ghosh, P. S., Raju, G. M., Maurya, I.

Design consideration for window placement to provide the view within the patient's visual range

Author(s): Sengke, M. M. C., Atmodiwirjo, P., Yatmo, Y. A., Johanes, M.