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Knowledge Repository

The influence of visibility on staff face-to-face communication and efficiency in emergency departments

Author(s): Gharaveis, A., Shepley, M. M., Hamilton, K., Pati, D., Rodiek, S.

User-centric work environments in modular healthcare facilities

Author(s): Aalto, L., Sirola, P., Kalliomäki-Levanto, T., Lahtinen, M., Ruohomäki, V., Salonen, H., Reijula, K.

Interprofessional Simulations to Inform Perioperative Facility Planning and Design

Author(s): Torres-Landa, S., Neylan, C., Quinlan, K., Klock, C., Jefferson, Christi, Williams, N. N., Caskey, R. C., Greulich, S., Kolb, G., Morgan, C., Mahoney, K., Dumon, K. R.

Adaptive layout for operating theatre in hospitals: different mathematical models for optimal layouts

Author(s): Chraibi, A., Osman, I. H., Kharraja, S.

Understanding Design Vulnerabilities in the Physical Environment Relating to Patient Fall Patterns in a Psychiatric Hospital: Seven Years of Sentinel Events

Author(s): Bayramzadeh, S., Portillo, M., Carmel-Gilfilen, C.

Sensing space and making place: The hospital and therapeutic landscapes in two cancer narratives

Author(s): Bates, V.

Exploring the Relationships Between Patient Room Layout and Patient Satisfaction

Author(s): MacAllister, L., Zimring, C., Ryherd, E.

An Empirical Examination of Nursing Units in China Based on Nurse Experience

Author(s): Xuan, X., Li, Z., Chen, X.

A Grounded Theoretical Analysis of Room Elements Desired by Family Members and Visitors of Hospitalized Patients: Implications for Medical/Surgical Hospital Patient Room Design

Author(s): Patterson, E. S., Sanders, E. B.-N., Lavender, S. A., Sommerich, C. M., Park, S., Li, J., Evans, K. D.

Optimal spaces for those living with dementia: Principles and evidence

Author(s): Barrett, P., Sharma, M., Zeisel, J.