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Knowledge Repository

Providers’ reports of environmental conditions and resources at births in the United States

Author(s): Minnick, A. F., Schorn, M. N., Dietrich, M. S., Donaghey, B.

Simulation-based clinical systems testing for healthcare spaces: From intake through implementation

Author(s): Colman, N., Doughty, C., Arnold, J., Stone, K., Reid, J., Dalpiaz, A., Hebbar, K. B.

Infection Prevention: Unique Aspects of Burn Units

Author(s): Palmieri, T. L.

Utilization of a standardized post-occupancy evaluation to assess the guiding principles of a major academic medical center

Author(s): Altizer, Z., Canar, W. J., Redemske, D., Fullam, F., Lamont, M.

Time-series analysis of health care–associated infections in a new hospital with all private rooms

Author(s): McDonald, E. G., Dendukuri, N., Frenette, C., Lee, T. C.

The Effect of Facilities Management of Common Areas on the Environment Domain of Quality of Life of Older People in Private Buildings

Author(s): Leung, M.-Y., Liang, Q., Pynoos, J.

Simulation of thermal management in a surgical operating theatre and its experimental verification

Author(s): Khalil, E. E., ElDegwy, A.

A qualitative and quantitative investigation of effects of indoor built environment for people with dementia in care and attention homes

Author(s): Leung, M.-Y., Wang, C., Chan, I. Y. S.

An investigation into the relationship between quality of life of the elderly in relation to physical spaces in order to select an ideal residence

Author(s): Zarghami, E., Olfat, M., Fatourehchi, D.

The use of copper as an antimicrobial agent in health care, including obstetrics and gynecology

Author(s): Arendsen, L. P., Thakar, R., Sultan, A. H.