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Knowledge Repository

Renovation in Hospitals: A Case Study of Source Control Ventilation in Work Zones

Author(s): Mousavi, E. S., Grosskopf, K. R.

Elevator Buttons: An Unrealized Potential Health Hazard

Author(s): Kassir, R., Nawas, T.

Effects of Indoor Environmental Parameters related to Building HVAC Systems on Patients’ Medical Outcomes: A Review of Scientific Research on Hospital Buildings

Author(s): Shajahan, A., Culp, C. H., Williamson, Brandon

A Quantitative Method to Assess the Role of Indoor Air Decontamination to Simultaneously Reduce Contamination of Environmental Surfaces: Testing with Vegetative and Spore-Forming Bacteria

Author(s): Zargar, B., Sattar, S. A., Rubino, J. R., Ijaz, M. K.

The experience of Person-centred Practice in a 100% single-room environment in acute care settings – a narrative literature review

Author(s): Kelly, R., Brown, D., McCance, T., Boomer, C.

A study of relationships between content in documents from the health service operational plan and documents from the planning of new healthcare environments

Author(s): Elf, M., Lindahl, G., Anåker, A.

Working in small-scale, homelike dementia care: Effects on staff burnout symptoms and job characteristics. A quasi-experimental, longitudinal study

Author(s): Zwakhalen, S. M. G., Hamers, J. P. H., van Rossum, E., Ambergen, T., Kempen, G. I. J. M., Verbeek, H.

A Systems Framework for Understanding the Environment’s Relation to Clinical Teamwork: A Systematic Literature Review of Empirical Studies

Author(s): Peavey, E., Cai, H.

Diagnostic Post-Occupancy Evaluation of the Landscape Environments in a Primary Care Clinic: Environmental and Social Performances

Author(s): Jiang, S., Staloch, K., Kaljevic, S.

Developing digital design workflow for architecture based on cleanability as a design parameter

Author(s): Johanes, M., Atmodiwirjo, P., Yatmo, Y. A.