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Knowledge Repository

Examining the association between hospital-onset Clostridium difficile infection and multiple-bed room exposure: A case-control study

Author(s): Vaisman, A., Jula, M., Wagner, J., Winston, L. G.

Noise in the neonatal intensive care unit: A new approach to examining acoustic events

Author(s): Smith, S. W., Ortmann, A. J., Clark, W. W.

Influence of opening and closing process of sliding door on interface airflow characteristic in operating room

Author(s): Zhou, B., Ding, L., Li, F., Xue, K., Nielsen, P. V., Xu, Y.

The Influence of Spatial Design on Team Communication in Hospital Emergency Departments

Author(s): Naccarella, L., Raggatt, M., Redley, B.

Effects of Emergency Department Physical Design Elements on Security, Wayfinding, Visibility, Privacy, and Efficiency and Its Implications on Staff Satisfaction and Performance

Author(s): Zamani, Z.

Effect of copper-impregnated linens on multidrug-resistant organism acquisition and Clostridium difficile infection at a long-term acute-care hospital

Author(s): Madden, G. R., Heon, B. E., Sifri, C. D.

Optimal spaces for those living with dementia: Principles and evidence

Author(s): Barrett, P., Sharma, M., Zeisel, J.

The ADL taxonomy for persons with mental disorders – adaptation and evaluation

Author(s): Holmqvist, K. L., Holmefur, M.

Sustainability of a person-centered ward atmosphere and possibility to provide person-centered forensic psychiatric care after facility relocation

Author(s): Alexiou, E., Wijk, H., Ahlquist, G., Kullgren, A., Degl’ Innocenti, A.

Design of hospital healing gardens linked to pre- or post-occupancy research findings

Author(s): Paraskevopoulou, A. T., Kamperi, E.