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Knowledge Repository

Particle control reduces fine and ultrafine particles greater than HEPA filtration in live operating rooms and kills biologic warfare surrogate

Author(s): Ereth, M. H., Hess, D. H., Driscoll, A., Hernandez, M., Stamatatos, F.

Hospital indoor air quality in respect to transmission of infection

Author(s): Sen, P. K., Sen, P., Sharma, A., Goyal, R., Mittal, R.

Influence of noise on patient recovery

Author(s): Loupa, G.

The business case for evidence-based design in radiology departments

Author(s): Sze, R. W., Hagerty, N. M., Sassano, C., Kazmi, P.

Nurses’ satisfaction with patient room lighting conditions: A study of nurses in four hospitals with differences in the environment of care

Author(s): Davis, R. G., McCunn, L. J., Wilkerson, A., Safranek, S.

Noise environments in nursing homes: An overview of the literature and a case study in Flanders with quantitative and qualitative methods

Author(s): Thomas, P., Aletta, F., Filipan, K., Mynsbrugge, T. V., De Geetere, L., Dijckmans, A., Botteldooren, D., Petrovic, M., Van de Velde, D., De Vriendt, P., Devos, P.

Magnitude matters: Art image size and waiting time impact perceived quality of care

Author(s): Devlin, A. S., Anderson, A., Hession-Kunz, S., Kelly, M., Noble, L., Zou, A

Effects of biophilic indoor environment on stress and anxiety recovery: A between-subjects experiment in virtual reality

Author(s): Yin, J., Yuan, J., Arfaei, N., Catalano, P. J., Allen, J. G., Spengler, J. D.

We agree, don’t we? The Delphi Method for health environments research

Author(s): Taylor, E.

The perceptual and behavioral influence on dental professionals from the noise in their workplace

Author(s): Ma, K. W., Mak, C. M., Wong, H. M.