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Knowledge Repository

Designing a supportive emergency department environment for people with self harm and suicidal ideation: A scoping review

Author(s): Liddicoat, S.

Mock-Ups: Using experiential simulation models in the healthcare design process

Author(s): Durham, J., Kenyon, A.

The impact of the built environment on patient falls in hospital rooms: An integrative review

Author(s): Pati, D., Valipoor, S., Lorusso, L., Mihandoust, S., Jamshidi, S., Rane, A., Kazem-Zadeh, M.

Mitigation of microbial contamination from waste water and aerosolization by sink design

Author(s): Cole, K., Talmadge, J. E.

Therapeutic gardens as a design approach for optimising the healing environment of patients with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias: A narrative review

Author(s): Uwajeh, P. C., Iyendo, T. O., Polay, M.

The conceptualization of the natural environment in healthcare facilities: A scoping review

Author(s): Chi, P., Gutberg, J., Berta, W.

Layout Planning in Healthcare Facilities: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Benitez, G. B., Da Silveira, G. J. C., Fogliatto, F. S.

Development and validation of the Needs of Children Questionnaire (NCQ): An instrument to measure children's self-reported needs in hospital

Author(s): Foster, M., Whitehead, L., Arabiat, D.

Commissioning simulations to test new healthcare facilities: a proactive and innovative approach to healthcare system safety

Author(s): Kaba, A., Barnes, S.

Effects of adjustable dynamic bedroom lighting in a maternity ward

Author(s): Canazei, M., Pohl, W., Weninger, J., Bliem, H., Weiss, E. M., Koch, C., Berger, A., Firulovic, B., Marth, C.