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Knowledge Repository

Impact of visibility and accessibility on healthcare workers’ hand-hygiene behavior: A comparative case study of two nursing units in an academic medical center

Author(s): Cai, H., Tyne, I. A., Spreckelmeyer, K., Williams, J.
Added August 2021

The role of the healthcare surface environment in SARS-CoV-2 transmission and potential control measures

Author(s): Kanamori, H., Weber, D. J., Rutala, W. A.
Added August 2021

Home modification assessments for accessibility and aesthetics: A rapid review

Author(s): Struckmeyer, L., Morgan-Daniel, J., Ahrentzen, S., Ellison, C.
Added August 2021

Noise in maternity wards: A research on its contributors and sources

Author(s): Ban, Q., Chen, B., Kang, J., Zhang, Y., Li, J., Yao, J.
Added September 2021

Retrospective analysis of reported suicide deaths and attempts on veterans health administration campuses and inpatient units

Author(s): Mills, P. D., Soncrant, C., Gunnar, W.
Added August 2021

Balancing support for staff and patient centeredness through the design of immediate and relational space: A case study of ambulatory care center layouts

Author(s): Zook, J., Spence, T. J., Joy, T.
Added August 2021

Environmental contamination in a COVID-19 intensive care unit (ICU) – what is the risk?

Author(s): Ong, S. W. X., Lee, P. H., Tan, Y. K., Ling, L. M., Ho, B. C. H., Ng, C. G., Wang, D. L., Tan, B. H., Leo, Y.-S., Ng, O.-T., Wong, M. S. Y., Marimuthu, K.
Added August 2021

Integrated environment-occupant-pathogen information modeling to assess and communicate room-level outbreak risks of infectious diseases

Author(s): Li, S., Xu, Y., Cai, J., Hu, D., He, Q.
Added August 2021

Fluid dynamic and thermal comfort analysis in an actual operating room with unidirectional airflow system

Author(s): Massarotti, N., Mauro, A., Mohamed, S., Nowak, A. J., Sainas, D.
Added August 2021

Welcoming places: Perspectives of individuals with mental illnesses

Author(s): Snethen, G., Jeffries, V., Thomas, E., Salzer, M.
Added March 2021