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Knowledge Repository

Healthcare Signage Design: A Review on Recommendations for Effective Signing Systems

Author(s): Rodrigues, R., Coelho, R., Tavares, J. M. R. S.

Accessing Green Spaces Within a Healthcare Setting: A Mixed Studies Review of Barriers and Facilitators

Author(s): Weerasuriya, R., Henderson-Wilson, C., Townsend, M.

Applying participatory design to a pharmacy system intervention

Author(s): Reddy, A., Lester, C. A., Stone, J. A., Holden, R. J., Phelan, C. H., Chui, M. A.

Post-Occupancy Evaluation of a Crisis Shelter Garden and Application of Findings Through the Use of a Participatory Design Process

Author(s): Lygum, V. L., Poulsen, D. V., Djernis, D., Djernis, H. G., Sidenius, U., Stigsdotter, U. K.

Infection prevention and control in paediatric office settings

Author(s): Moore, D. L.

A quasi-experimental evaluation of compliant flooring in a residential care setting

Author(s): Gustavsson, J., Bonander, C., Nilson, F.

Hand forces exerted by long-term care staff when pushing wheelchairs on compliant and non-compliant flooring

Author(s): Lachance, C. C., Korall, A. M. B., Russell, C. M., Feldman, F., Robinovitch, S. N., Mackey, D. C.

Design Lessons From the Analysis of Nurse Journeys in a Hospital Ward

Author(s): Nazarian, M., Price, A., Demian, P., Malekzadeh, M.

The effect of vertical split-flow patient management on emergency department throughput and efficiency

Author(s): Garrett, J. S., Berry, C., Wong, H., Qin, H., Kline, J. A.

Introduction of a Horizontal and Vertical Split Flow Model of Emergency Department Patients as a Response to Overcrowding

Author(s): Wallingford, G., Joshi, N., Callagy, P., Stone, J., Brown, I., Shen, S.