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Knowledge Repository

Are noise reduction interventions effective in adult ward settings? A systematic review and meta analysis

Author(s): Garside, J., Stephenson, J., Curtis, H., Morrell, M., Dearnley, C., Astin, F.

How Enclosure and Spatial Organization Affect Residents’ Use and Experience of a Dementia Special Care Unit: A Case Study

Author(s): Van Hecke, L., Van Steenwinkel, I., Heylighen, A.

A New Approach for a Practical Assessment of Antimicrobial Surfaces Based on a Stamp Assay to Quantify Transfer Routes of Pathogens

Author(s): Gerhardts, A., Höfer, D.

Pilot study to measure wheelchair users’ space requirements in the bathroom

Author(s): Morales, E., Gamache, S., Routhier, F., Rousseau, J., Doyle, O.

Effectiveness of ultraviolet disinfection in reducing hospital-acquired Clostridium difficile and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus on a bone marrow transplant unit

Author(s): Brite, J., McMillen, T., Robilotti, E., Sun, J., Chow, H. Y., Stell, F., Seo, S. K., McKenna, D., Eagan, J., Montecalvo, M., Chen, D., Sepkowitz, K., Kamboj, M.

Is greenery associated with mental health among residents of aged care facilities? A systematic search and narrative review.

Author(s): Carver, A., Lorenzon, A., Veitch, J., Macleod, A., Sugiyama, T.

Patient and family description of receiving care in acuity adaptable care model

Author(s): Kitchens, J. L., Fulton, J. S., Maze, L.

Airborne particle dispersion to an operating room environment during sliding and hinged door opening

Author(s): Sadrizadeh, S., Pantelic, J., Sherman, M., Clark, J., Abouali, O.

An observational study of door motion in operating rooms

Author(s): Mousavi, E. S., Jafarifiroozabadi, R., Bayramzadeh, S., Joseph, A., San, D.

Studying complexity in health services research: Desperately seeking an overdue paradigm shift

Author(s): Greenhalgh, T., Papoutsi, C.