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Knowledge Repository

Interdisciplinary user groups and the design of healthcare facilities

Author(s): Carthey, J.

The Effect of Music on the Comfort and Anxiety of Older Adults Living in a Nursing Home in Turkey

Author(s): Ergin, E., Yücel, Ş. Ç.

Development of a novel emergency department mapping tool

Author(s): Grzywinski, M., Carlisle, S., Coleman, J., Cook, C., Hayden, G., Pugliese, R., Faircloth, B., Ku, B.

The potential risk of sick building syndrome of the emergency department areas in a medical center in Taiwan

Author(s): Chen, P.-Y., Kung, L.-C., Tsai, W., Chien, D.-K., Chang, W.-H.

Multidrug-resistant Organisms in Hospitals: What Is on Patient Hands and in Their Rooms?

Author(s): Mody, L., Washer, L. L., Kaye, K. S., Gibson, K., Saint, Sanjay, Reyes, K., Cassone, M., Mantey, J., Cao, J., Altamimi, S., Perri, M., Sax, H., Chopra, V., Zervos, M.

Designing to distract: Can interactive technologies reduce visitor anxiety in a children's hospital setting?

Author(s): Lim, B., Rogers, Y., Sebire, N.

What are users’ perceptions of the hospital courtyard garden and how satisfied are they with it?

Author(s): Idris, M. M., Sibley, M.

Copper for the Prevention of Outbreaks of Health Care–Associated Infections in a Long-term Care Facility for Older Adults

Author(s): Zerbib, S., Vallet, L., Muggeo, A., de Champs, C., Lefebvre, A., Jolly, D., Kanagaratnam, L.

Building information modeling for facilities management: A literature review and future research directions

Author(s): Matarneh, S. T., Danso-Amoako, M., Al-Bizri, S., Gaterell, M., Matarneh, R.

Floor finish selection in health-care facilities: A systematic literature review

Author(s): Dixit, M. K., Singh, S., Lavy, S., Yan, W.