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Knowledge Repository

Simulation-based mock-up evaluation of a universal operating room

Author(s): Shultz, J., Borkenhagen, D., Rose, E., Gribbons, B., Rusak-Gillrie, H., Fleck, S., Muniak, A., Filer, J.
Added August 2020

Understanding the barriers and enablers to using outdoor spaces in nursing homes: A systematic review

Author(s): van den Berg, M. E. L., Winsall, M., Dyer, S. M., Breen, F., Gresham, M., Crotty, M.
Added August 2020

Designing hospital wayfinding systems, touchscreen kiosks, environmental cues and mobile apps: An evaluation of a mobile wayfinding application

Author(s): Harper, C., Duke, T., Crosser, A., Avera, A., Jefferies, S., Lightner, N. J., Kalra, J.
Added October 2019

Inclusive healthcare waiting rooms: A comparison study for Improving the User Experience Within Built Environment

Author(s): Fernández-Rivera, C. M., Aceves-González, C., Zallio, M., Mireles-Ramirez, M., Charytonowicz, J., Falcão, C.
Added October 2019

The roles of cancer care facilities in users’ well-being

Author(s): Jellema, P., Annemans, M., Heylighen, A.
Added October 2020

Are LEED-certified healthcare buildings in the USA truly impacting sustainability?

Author(s): Ullah, Z., Thaheem, M. J., Waheed, A., Maqsoom, A.
Added August 2020

Evaluation of a Veterans Administration mental and behavioral health patient room mockup

Author(s): Sachs, N. A., Shepley, M. M., Peditto, K., Hankinson, M. T., Smith, K., Giebink, B., Thompson, T.
Added August 2020

Renovation in hospitals: Pressurization strategies by healthcare contractors in the United States

Author(s): Mousavi, E. S., Bausman, D.
Added August 2020

Using interdisciplinary dress rehearsal events to ensure staff readiness when opening a new healthcare facility

Author(s): Aguilera, L. S., Dickey, E. K., Guzman, K.
Added August 2020

The creative healthcare architect

Author(s): Zilm, F., Atchley, R. A., Gregersen, S., Conrad, M. A.
Added May 2020