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Knowledge Repository

Analysis of the perception of users of pre-hospital architecture in light steel frame: A case study in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Author(s): Melo, M. V. S., Souza, H. A.

Design strategies to improve emergency departments’ performance during mass casualty incidents: A survey of caregivers

Author(s): Valipoor, S., Hakimjavadi, H., De Portu, G.

A systematic review of what barriers and facilitators prevent and enable physical healthcare services access for autistic adults

Author(s): Mason, D., Ingham, B., Urbanowicz, A., Michael, C., Birtles, Heather, Woodbury-Smith, M., Brown, T., James, I., Scarlett, C., Nicolaidis, C., Parr, J. R.

Designing a supportive emergency department environment for people with self harm and suicidal ideation: A scoping review

Author(s): Liddicoat, S.

The perceptions of nurses about the behavioral needs for daylighting and view to the outside in inpatient facilities

Author(s): Gharaveis, A., Yekita, H., Shamloo, G.

Mock-Ups: Using experiential simulation models in the healthcare design process

Author(s): Durham, J., Kenyon, A.

Survey of isolation room equipment and resources in an academic hospital

Author(s): Telford, B., Healy, R., Flynn, E., Moore, E., Ravi, A., Geary, U.

Using virtual reality to compare design alternatives using subjective and objective evaluation methods

Author(s): Wingler, D., Joseph, A., Bayramzadeh, S., Robb, A.

How to design psychiatric facilities to foster positive social interaction – A systematic review

Author(s): Jovanović, N., Campbell, J., Priebe, S.

Understanding the heterogeneity of labor and delivery units: Using design thinking methodology to assess environmental factors that contribute to safety in childbirth

Author(s): Sherman, J. P., Hedli, L. C., Kristensen-Cabrera, A. I., Lipman, S. S., Schwandt, Doug, Lee, H. C., Sie, L., Halamek, L. P., Austin, N. S., ,