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Knowledge Repository

Observations of Activity Levels in a Purpose-Built, Inpatient, Rehabilitation Facility

Author(s): Scrivener, K., Pocovi, N., Jones, T., Dean, B., Gallagher, S., Henrisson, W., Thorburn, M., Dean, C.

Promoting Patient and Family Engagement through Healthcare Facility Design: A Systematic Literature Review

Author(s): Bosch, S. J., Lorusso, L. N.

Effect of Laminar Air Flow and Building Construction on Aspergillosis in Acute Leukemia Patients: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Author(s): Iwasaki, M., Kanda, J., Hishizawa, M., Kitano, T., Kondo, T., Yamashita, K., Takaori-Kondo, A.

Utilization of a Standardized Post-Occupancy Evaluation to Assess the Guiding Principles of a Major Academic Medical Center

Author(s): Altizer, Z., Canar, W. J., Redemske, D., Fullam, F., Lamont, M.

Effectiveness of Antimicrobial Hospital Curtains on Reducing Bacterial Contamination—A Multicenter Study

Author(s): Luk, S., Chow, V. C. Y., Yu, K. C. H., Hsu, E. K., Tsang, Ngai Chong, Chuang, V. W. M., Lai, C. K. C., Hui, M., Lee, R. A., Lai, W. M., Que, T. L., Fung, S. C., To, W. K., Cheng, V. C. C., Wong, A. T. Y.

Prevention of Healthcare-Associated Invasive Aspergillosis during Hospital Construction/Renovation Works

Author(s): Talento, A. F., Fitzgerald, M., Redington, B., O’Sullivan, N., Fenelon, L., Rogers, T. R.

Influence of a Visible-Light Continuous Environmental Disinfection System on Microbial Contamination and Surgical Site Infections in an Orthopedic Operating Room

Author(s): Murrell, L. J., Hamilton, E. K., Johnson, H. B., Spencer, M.

Factors Associated with Lift Equipment Use During Patient Lifts and Transfers by Hospital Nurses and Nursing Care Assistants: A Prospective Observational Cohort Study

Author(s): Kucera, K. L., Schoenfisch, A. L., McIlvaine, J., Becherer, L., James, Tamara, Yeung, Y. L., Avent, S., Lipscomb, H. J.

A Historical Study of Chinese Nursing Unit Design Evolution Since 1989

Author(s): Cai, H., Lu, Y., Sheward, H.

Palliative Design Meets Palliative Medicine: A Strategic Approach to the Design, Construction, and Operation of Healthcare Facilities to Improve Quality of Life and Reduce Suffering for Patients, Families, and Caregivers

Author(s): Zadeh, R. S., Eshelman, P.