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Knowledge Repository

Review of methods for evaluating adaptability of buildings

Author(s): Rockow, Z. R., Ross, B., Black, A. K.

Retrofitting Healthcare Facilities for Bariatric Patients: A Cost Analysis Study in a Public Sector Hospital of a Developing Country

Author(s): Dutta, S., Jain, K., Siddharth, V.

Noise in the intensive care unit and its influence on sleep quality: a multicenter observational study in Dutch intensive care units

Author(s): Simons, K. S., Verweij, E., Lemmens, P. M. C., Jelfs, S., Park, M., Spronk, P. E., Sonneveld, J. P. C., Feijen, H.-M., van der Steen, M. S., Kohlrausch, A. G., van den Boogaard, M., de Jager, C. P. C.

Assessing the Feasibility of Measuring Variation in Facility Design Among American Childbirth Facilities

Author(s): Plough, A., Polzin-Rosenberg, D., Galvin, G., Shao, A., Sullivan, B., Henrich, N., Shah, N. T.

Field Investigation of Ambulatory Clinic Exam Room Design with respect to Computing Devices: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Saleem, J. J., Weiler, D. T., Satterly, T., Nussbaum, M. A., Chumbler, N. R., Fischer, G. M., Rehman, S. U.

Do surgeons and surgical facilities disturb the clean air distribution close to a surgical patient in an orthopedic operating room with laminar airflow?

Author(s): Cao, G., Storås, M. C. A., Aganovic, A., Stenstad, L.-I., Skogås, J. G.

Elder‐Friendly Emergency Department: Development and Validation of a Quality Assessment Tool

Author(s): McCusker, J., Vu, T. T. M., Veillette, N., Cossette, S., Vadeboncoeur, A., Ciampi, A., Cetin‐Sahin, D., Belzile, E.

Lactation Space Experiences and Preferences Among Healthcare Workers in an Academic Medical Center

Author(s): Henry-Moss, D., Abbuhl, S., Bellini, L., Spatz, D. L.

Adaptive glazing technologies: Balancing the benefits of outdoor views in healthcare environments

Author(s): Sadek, A. H., Mahrous, R.

Design of Genuine Birth Environment: Midwives Intuitively Think in Terms of Evidence-Based Design Thinking

Author(s): Folmer, M. B., Jangaard, K., Buhl, H.