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Knowledge Repository

Health literacy in hospital outpatient waiting areas: An observational study of what is available to and accessed by consumers

Author(s): McDonald, C. E., Remedios, L. J., Said, C. M., Granger, C. L.
Added August 2021

Stakeholder perspectives of the dementia-friendly hospital: A qualitative descriptive focus group study

Author(s): Toubøl, A., Moestrup, L., Ryg, J., Thomsen, K., Nielsen, D. S.
Added August 2021

The representational function of clinic design: Staff and patient perceptions of teamwork

Author(s): Lim, L., Kanfer, R., Stroebel, R. J., Zimring, C. M.
Added August 2021

Variables and outcomes in patient room design: A study of design hypotheses

Author(s): Greer, V., Johnson, E., Hsu, J.
Added August 2021

Energy use optimization in ventilation of operating rooms during inactivity periods

Author(s): Tejero-González, A., DeFreitas-Barros-Galvão, V. M., Zarzuelo-Sánchez, A. M., SanJosé-Alonso, J. F.
Added August 2021

Use the environment to prevent and control COVID-19 in senior-living facilities: An analysis of the guidelines used in China

Author(s): Wang, Z.
Added August 2021

Multi-route transmission potential of SARS-CoV-2 in healthcare facilities

Author(s): Feng, B., Xu, K., Gu, S., Zheng, S., Zou, Q., Xu, Y., Yu, L., Lou, F., Yu, F., Jin, T., Li, Y., Sheng, J., Yen, H.-L., Zhong, Z., Wei, J., Chen, Y.
Added April 2021

Validation of a multiple criteria tool for healthcare facilities quality evaluation

Author(s): Brambilla, A., Lindahl, G., Dell'Ovo, M., Capolongo, S.
Added May 2021

Evidence-based design: The role of inpatient typology in creating healing environment, hospitals in Erbil city as a case study

Author(s): Rafeeq, D. A., Mustafa, F. A.
Added August 2021

The intensive care unit environment from the perspective of medical, allied health and nursing clinicians: A qualitative study to inform design of the ‘ideal’ bedspace

Author(s): Tronstad, O., Flaws, D., Lye, I., Fraser, J. F., Patterson, S.
Added September 2021