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Knowledge Repository

Does a new spatial design in psychiatric inpatient care influence patients’ and staff’s perception of their care/working environment? A study protocol of a pilot study using a single-system experimental design

Author(s): Lindgren, B.-M., Molin, J., Lundström, M., Strömbäck, M., Renberg, E. S., Ringnér, A,.

Single-Occupancy Patient Rooms: A Systematic Review of the Literature Since 2006

Author(s): Taylor, E., Card, A. J., Piatkowski, M.

Association Between Healthcare-Associated Infection and Exposure to Hospital Roommates and Previous Bed Occupants with the Same Organism

Author(s): Cohen, B., Liu, J., Cohen, A. R., Larson, E.

Private Rooms, Semi-Open Areas, or Open Areas for Chemotherapy Care: Perspectives of Cancer Patients, Families, and Nursing Staff

Author(s): Wang, Z., Pukszta, M.

Desiccation Tolerance is Associated with Staphylococcus aureus Hyper Transmissibility, Resistance, and Infection Development in the Operating Room

Author(s): Loftus, R. W., Dexter, F., Robinson, A. D. M., Horswill, A. R.

Effectiveness of ultraviolet disinfection in reducing hospital-acquired Clostridium difficile and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus on a bone marrow transplant unit

Author(s): Brite, J., McMillen, T., Robilotti, E., Sun, J., Chow, H. Y., Stell, F., Seo, S. K., McKenna, D., Eagan, J., Montecalvo, M., Chen, D., Sepkowitz, K., Kamboj, M.

Opportunities for Inpatient Room Designs That Facilitate Imaging Professionals in Providing Diagnostic Patient Care: A Mixed Methods Study

Author(s): Evans, K. D., Sommerich, C. M., Sanders, E. B.-N., Patterson, E. S., Li, J., Lavender, S. A.

Human factors considerations in designing for infection prevention and control in neonatal care – findings from a pre-design inquiry

Author(s): Trudel, C., Cobb, S., Momtahan, K., Brintnell, J., Mitchell, A.

Attractions to Fuel the Imagination: Reframing Understandings of the Role of Distraction Relative to Well-Being in the Pediatric Hospital

Author(s): McLaughlan, R., Sadek, A., Willis, J.

Evaluating the Psychosocial Impact of Indoor Public Spaces in Complex Healthcare Settings

Author(s): Lacanna, G., Wagenaar, C., Avermaete, T., Swami, V.