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Knowledge Repository

A Space Syntax Analysis of the Relationship between Function and Form in Facility Layout

Author(s): Teran-Somohano, A., Smith, A. E.

Researching and Designing Health Care Environments: A Systematized Review of Creative Research Methods

Author(s): Jellema, P., Annemans, M., Heylighen, A.

A measurement for evaluating the environmental quality of advanced healthcare facilities: Intelligent healthscape quality for medical staff

Author(s): Han, J., Kang, H.-J., Kwon, G. H.

Designing Residential Buildings for Older People in China to Promote Ageing-in-place

Author(s): Gadakari, T., Wang, J., Hadjri, K.

Comparing the Effectiveness of Four Different Design Media in Communicating Desired Performance Outcomes With Clinical End Users

Author(s): Wingler, D., Machry, H., Bayramzadeh, S., Joseph, A., Allison, D.

The relevance of sink proximity to toilets on the detection of Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase inside sink drains

Author(s): Buchan, B. W., Graham, M. B., Lindmair-Snell, J., Arvan, J., Ledeboer, N. A., Nanchal, R., Munoz-Price, L. S.

Isolation and antibiotic susceptibility test of bacteria from healthcare workers and hospital environment

Author(s): Ahmed, H. A., Alkali, I. Y

Indoor environmental quality performance and occupants’ satisfaction [IEQPOS] as assessment criteria for green healthcare building rating

Author(s): Nimlyat, P. S.

Hospital architecture quality-exploratory observation on three continents

Author(s): Fronczek-Munter, A., Prugsiganont, S.

Influence of Color in a Lactation Room on Users’ Affective Impressions and Preferences

Author(s): López-Tarruella, J., Llinares Millán, C., Serra Lluch, J., Iñarra Abad, S., Wijk, H.