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Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC)

Become edac certified

A large and growing body of evidence attests to the fact that the physical environment impacts patient stress, patient and staff safety, staff effectiveness and quality of care provided in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Basing healthcare facility planning and design decisions on this evidence to achieve the best possible patient, staff and operational outcomes is what evidence-based design is all about.
EDAC certification shows your clients and team members that you have a method for developing design solutions that are rooted in research to help achieve the desired goals and improved outcomes.


Who Should Become Certified

Architects & Designers​ ​
You have a method for developing design solutions that are rooted in research to help achieve a client’s goals.

Healthcare Executives
You champion innovations that are good for the triple bottom line.

Healthcare Providers
You support new ideas in healthcare design that align with organizational goals and are likely to achieve the desired results.
You are on top of the most significant, emerging discipline within the healthcare design profession and can help carry the teachings forward.
Engineering & Construction Professionals
You understand the importance of research-based design decisions and can maintain the integrity of these decisions during the engineering and construction processes.
Product Manufacturers
You use research to inform the product development process and support improved outcomes in healthcare setting.





EDAC Study Guides
Study Guide 1 is available only as a digital book. Study Guides 2 & 3 are hard copies and can be purchased individually or as a bundle.

EDAC Sample Exam
Practice taking the EDAC exam with this free sample exam.

EDAC Exam Preparation Videos
Available on demand, you can view each video as many times as you want during the selected time period.

Click here for the study materials.

Maintaining Certification

The requirements to maintain your EDAC certification involve six hours of approved continuing education units (CEUs) in evidence-based design every two years. We make it easy for you by offering an extensive list of approved continuing education courses available in person and online to develop your EDAC knowledge base. 

View Upcoming CEUs
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