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Insights & Solutions

Issue Brief
October 2020 Issue Brief

Learn about the origins and expanding use of telemedicine for virtual care; the role of the built environment in facilitating care via telemedicine; and how evidence was used to support and develop language for guidance (requirements and recommendations). 

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August 2020 Webinar

In response to the COVID-19 global health crisis, the healthcare industry is finding ways to innovate its practice and engage with patients from a distance. Virtual care is playing a much larger role in triaging patients to promote social distancing and keep hospitals and clinics from becoming overwhelmed. In a time of rapid expansion and the need for quick deployment, some very simple design tips can help you make the most of your virtual care spaces. This webinar will explore those innovations that are being deployed for the near term and for the future.

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March 2020 Webinar

This webinar will evaluate design integration of varied technologies being utilized in many facilities that design teams can implement to dramatically improve patient outcomes.

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