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Population Health

Population health refers to not only the overall health of a population, but also the distribution of health. Healthcare built environments and community environments can be used to support effective population health management strategies such as establishing patient registries, monitoring cost and clinical metrics, engaging in risk management outreach, communicating with patients, educating patients, and coordinating effectively between care teams and patients.
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Insights & Solutions

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March 2018 Webinar
This webinar will focus on an exploratory approach to the role of Evidence-Based Design in the rural healthcare setting.  Haddox will present the observations, conversations, participatory research methods, and thought processes that led him to explore how the delivery of healthcare in his largely rural native West Virginia might be improved through a focus on the physical facilities.  He will describe research projects that examine the barriers to care in these rural areas, including his approach to engaging stakeholders to gather data, some upcoming projects in the works with special healthcare needs populations, and a larger framework for interdisciplinary research in the rural health care setting. 
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April 2017 Webinar
With support from the Kresge Foundation, The Center for Health Design developed a standardized healthcare facility evaluation tool that aids ambulatory design to support population health. The tool is intended to guide both design and post-occupancy evaluation of outpatient projects with respect to population health goals including: healthy behaviors; socioeconomic factors; the physical environment; and Clinical Care. This webinar provides an overview of population health and the relationship to design, provide case study examples, and demonstrate the functionality of this new resource.
Project Brief
March 2017 Project Brief
Learn about: how innovative design can be achieved at the same or similar cost, how design can result in a well-regarded community landmark, and how community-based care improves patient use and compliance with regimens.
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