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Staff Wellbeing

When healthcare facilities do not have adequate staff to maintain operations, consequences can include lost revenue, high turnover of existing staff, and compromised patient outcomes. It is incumbent on healthcare futurists and leaders to rethink healthcare work environments. Creating spaces that not only support patient outcomes, but that support staff fulfillment, resilience and organizational commitment will be required for success as the healthcare industry seeks to sustain itself in the midst of high patient volumes and high operating expenses. Understanding the multifaceted impact of the built environment includes recognizing how acoustics, interruptions, break spaces, social support, and access to nature can be leveraged to support staff.

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Insights & Solutions

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July 2023 Webinar

Clinical staff in healthcare environments, and nurses in particular, have long been required to care for patients at the expense of their own well-being. Post-pandemic, they continually demonstrate that they are overwhelmed, experience emotional exhaustion and burn out, and report depersonalization and perceptions of lack of personal accomplishment.

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December 2022 Tool

This tool is meant to assist in planning and design to mitigate clinician burnout.

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Design Strategies
December 2022 Design Strategies

Several evidence-based design strategies have been identified to help reduce clinician stress and foster resilience.

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