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Patient-Centered Medical Home

A healthcare setting that facilitates partnerships between individual patients, clinicians, and family, a patient-centered medical home is a place where individualized care is designed around patient needs to increase care coordination and communication between providers and patients, and enhance overall quality, while simultaneously reducing costs. Individualized care within a patient-centered medical home is provided in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner. 
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Insights & Solutions

April 2016 Related Resource
This list of resources is made of up of articles, books, policies, organizations, and more, related to patient-centered medical homes.  Use this list to learn more about this topic.
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March 2016 Tool
This tool provides healthcare designers and professionals with patient-centered medical home principles/goals and how environmental, operational, and people measures can be implemented to achieve said goal.
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Lessons Learned
March 2016 Lessons Learned
The following are compiled from research literature, case studies, interviews, and other materials to provide an overview on the topic of patient-centered medical homes.  
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