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The built environment plays an important role in patient, staff, and resident safety, as the physical design of a healthcare facility directly affects outcomes such as medical errors, falls, infections, and staff injuries. Among the many environmental measures that can be taken to improve safety outcomes are single-bed patient rooms, air quality control, reduced noise levels, easy-to-clean surfaces, accessible alcohol hand-rub dispensers, and ceiling lifts. 

Insights & Solutions

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February 2017 Tool
These modules consist of Issue Briefs, Backgrounders, and Top Design Strategies, and were created as a supplement to the Safety Risk Assessment toolkit.
November 2015 Tool

The patient room, the most repetitive space in acute care facilities, offers many opportunities to incorporate evidence-based design features. This set of interactive diagrams provides access to the healthcare design evidence base in an accessible and actionable format.  Healthcare in the Home portion of tool to be available October 25, 2017.  

March 2011 Tool

My Safety Net Clinic (MySNC) was developed by Dr. Larry Mallak and Wasif Butt of Western Michigan University in 2011. MySNC was funded by a grant from the California HealthCare Foundation, in conjunction with The Center for Health Design.  

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