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Process-Driven Design

Insights & Solutions

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May 2019 Webinar

Explore insights gained from a multiyear research effort by Gensler to identify and quantify the factors of design that impact the human experience, as well as other industry sources. This webinar digs deeper to explore a trend discussed at these two speakers' standing-room only session at Healthcare Design Expo & Conference 2018.

Project Brief
May 2019 Project Brief

Learn about: how a practical consideration of all the elements of the new hybrid OR helped guide design choices, the role Human Factors played in optimizing the new space, how process mapping and cognitive walkthroughs furthered the design team’s understanding of the OR’s people and processes, and how buy-in from key stakeholders led to the success of this project and laid the groundwork for future efforts.

Project Brief
May 2019 Project Brief

Learn about: how a unit redesign for UW Health will serve as a prototype for future redesign projects, why the new unit must be flexible to respond to a variety of staff and patient needs, and how a multidisciplinary team used a range of observational findings and current literature to inform the overall design process.

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