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Impact of Aging

As people live longer and longer, managing the needs of the aging population is more important than ever. Medical and technological advancements are changing healthcare for the better, giving facility designers and medical professionals new ways to provide flexible models of care and help individuals age in place. 

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Insights & Solutions

January 2023 Webinar

This webinar offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear from an internationally recognized titan in the field of environments for aging—Dr. Margaret (Maggie) Calkins, and the recipient of 2022 Center for Health Design Changemaker Award—who will share her insights on how design of environments for people as they age has evolved and where the industry is headed.    

November 2022 Webinar

This webinar will highlight research and design strategies to mitigate challenges to the aging eye and cognition. Presenters will explore how daylight and bright electric lighting is even more important, balanced with very low level, warm lighting at night. Think it’s a good idea to mimic trendy hospitality lighting in senior spaces? Think again. For health and safety, we need to dramatically change our design approach!  

August 2022 Workshop

As individuals age, physical, mental, and societal challenges become more prevalent. This intensive virtual workshop explores those obstacles and discusses programming and design interventions that can assist individuals and care givers. Expert faculty will present examples that integrate architecture, design and technology into living environments that are not only safe, but foster wellness and longevity.

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